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1. Building pyramids

1.1. The agricultural revolution: was a turning point. Some take it as a step towards prosperity and progress, others as the divorce of nature and entry into a stream of greed and alienation.

1.2. The Coming of the future: history is something that has made very few people while all others plow the fields and hauled tubs of water

1.3. An imagined order: YH concludes that the orders supported by the myth are the way that the Sapiens have to be able to cooperate in large groups of form effective.

1.4. True believers: The economic system would not have lasted a single day if the majority of shareholders and bankers had not believed in capitalism.

2. The greatest fraud in history

2.1. The beginning of the agricultural revolution was when we started to manipulate and tame a few species of plants and animals to control their production and turn them into our power supply

2.2. The story of the luxury trap implies being an important lesson, which tends to become needs and generate new obligations.

2.3. Divine intervention: indicates the possibility that adopting a harder life was not a mistake but something sought as a means to achieve other aspirations.

2.4. Victims of the Revolution: combination of collective success but individual suffering is a hallmark of our species.

3. About Memory Load

3.1. For millions of years people stored information in their brains, but it's not a big storage system for 3 reasons:

3.2. 1.Its capacity is limited.

3.3. 2.Humans die and their brains die with them.

3.4. 3. The human brain is adapted to store only certain types of information.

3.5. Signed Kushim: The first writing was created by the sumerians by a combination of numbers and signs representing things and facts.

3.6. The wonders of bureaucracy: Later developed complete writings, like the cuneiform of the Sumerians themselves the hieroglyphic of the Egyptians.

3.7. The language of numbers: Scripture was born as the maid of human consciousness, but more and more is becoming its mistress and mistress.

4. There is no justice in history

4.1. There is no justice in history: YH says it is an iron ruler of history, that all imagined hierarchies deny their fictitious origins and are considered natural and inevitable.

4.2. The Vicious circle: each society establishes different hierarchies. And in the maintenance of these hierarchies it is normal to appeal to concepts of purity and pollution.

4.3. Purity in America: The racial hierarchy was perpetuated in America, differentiating between whites, blacks and slaves brought from Africa

4.4. *Money calls money and poverty to poverty.

4.5. He and she: A hierarchy repeated in all societies has been and is the hierarchy of gender, and at least since the agricultural revolution always man has taken the best chop.

4.6. The differences between man and woman are minimally biological and mainly cultural, without emphasizing the meanings of masculinity and femininity have changed enormously from one society to another.

4.7. What's so good about men? indicates that there is likely to be some universal biological reason that would make more masculine than femininity more valued.

4.8. The Scum of society:Men are considered superior only by their so-called force that generates aggression, so they prove to be capable for their high ranks, however women are more seen by their high vigor and yet are not considered to occupy the same positions as a man.

4.8.1. Inequality

4.9. Patriarchal Genes: A third biological theory explains the differences by giving less importance to brute force and suggesting that over millions of years men and women followed different survival and reproduction strategies.