Frauenquote im Journalismus Q&A

Mindmap about discussion.

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Frauenquote im Journalismus Q&A by Mind Map: Frauenquote im Journalismus Q&A

1. Jobs in the media/music section

1.1. Radio presenter

1.2. journalist

1.3. Marketing manager

1.4. Radio/TV producer

1.5. A&R Manager

1.6. editorial journalist

2. Reasons for a proportion of woman (in a certain sector)

2.1. support diversity between woman and man

2.2. equal qualifications

2.3. Fairness for all gender regarding the achievements and job tasks

3. assumption for a proportion of a woman

3.1. Gender identities must be redefined in order to increase the job chances of woman

3.2. a role Model for young women who is respondsible for the questions and advices

3.3. open to new ideas ->have the freedom to produce courageous things even if it isn’t suitable for the typical radio programm at first sight

3.4. know our own value and qualifications

4. Current Situation

4.1. Networking is very important to get a job in the media/music section

4.2. Less young people listen to radio

4.3. more men are in the leading position than women