Environmental Education Project

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Environmental Education Project by Mind Map: Environmental  Education Project

1. Objective

1.1. To create a youth network for managing Huai Khayeng River By using environmental education processes

1.2. Create a course with sustainable stream management

1.3. To promote the activities of Huai Khayeng River conservation by youth network in the area

2. Target Group

2.1. Volunteers in the activity of 20 people.Late elementary school students In 5 participating areas

3. Rational Criterion

3.1. Nowadays, the natural resources are greatly destroyed. The communities that are in the area close to nature are changing the way of life. The younger generation is interested in various fashion technologies from the urban society. Until the youth did not see the importance of the natural resources that exist in their own locality Which is the watershed forest and is important to the ecological environment

4. Result

4.1. Skills in using various media in Huai Khayeng River conservation

4.2. River conservation And sustainable use

4.3. Cultivate children to turn to the importance of nature near oneself.

4.4. Create a youth network in managing environmental problems.