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Sports by Mind Map: Sports

1. Language through learning

1.1. Using explanations from their peers

1.2. Predicting and learning new words, also using them in a new context

1.3. Recognise the language they need to carry out activities during our session

2. Language of learning

2.1. Sports representation and classification

2.1.1. Team sports Football Basketball Handball Hockey on ice Volleyball E-sports Rugby Cricket Baseball

2.1.2. Individual sports Winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, ski jumping...) Tennis Athletics (high jump, dashes, long jump, triple jump, long distance runs...) Snooker Motor-sports E-sports Boxing Archery

2.2. How to play sports

2.2.1. Kicking the ball

2.2.2. Throwing the ball

2.2.3. Running, jumping and using your physical strenght

2.2.4. Hitting the target and avoid being hit

2.2.5. Using your computer skills (e-sports)

2.2.6. Hitting the ball with a object (racket, hockey stick, baseball bat...)

3. Communication

4. Content

4.1. Types of sports (individual, team, winter...)

4.2. Kids/made up, simple games

4.3. sports typical for different times of the year

4.4. Sport through history

4.5. Professional athletes

5. Cognition

5.1. Assessing

5.1.1. Asses, how your peers are playing a certain sport, do they follow the rules...

5.1.2. Asses, how your schoolmates have created their own sport/game

5.2. Listening

5.2.1. Facts about sports (rules, what can you use during playing it, classification ...)

5.3. Playing

5.3.1. Certain sports they are already familiar with, so of they may even train a certain sport

5.3.2. Their own made up sports/games

5.4. Doing

5.4.1. Creating an own game/sport and playing it in the school yard

5.5. Learning

5.5.1. Facts about sports (rules, what can you use during playing it, classification ...)

6. Language for learning

6.1. Describing

6.1.1. The souroundings What equipment is used On what surface is it played Do the players need a ball? Can it be player indoors/outdoors?

6.1.2. The players What do they wear? Are they protected, how? Do they have contact between them?

6.2. Questioning

6.2.1. Which sport is this? To which sport does this ball/piece of equipment belong? Which sport do you see in the picture?

6.3. Answering

6.3.1. This is ... It involved x balls ... It is played on/in ... I see (......) players... He is playing...

6.4. Comparing

6.4.1. Team sports

6.4.2. Individual sports

6.5. Instructions

6.5.1. How do we play certain sports?

7. Culture

7.1. Different sports are more popular in different countries, they have a tendency to develop good players in a certain area

7.1.1. African nations better in athletics

7.1.2. European nations good in team sports

7.1.3. Countries with mountains and snow good in winter sports

7.2. Developed through the centuries, a common point the Olympic games, major world wide competitions, more marketing

7.2.1. Olympics every 4 years

7.2.2. World cups

7.2.3. European/aAfrican/American games

7.2.4. More and more towards capitalism

7.2.5. Major sponsorship's, Brand deals for athletes/shoe deals/apparel