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Proposed Elastic Learning Network by Mind Map: Proposed Elastic Learning Network
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Proposed Elastic Learning Network

We have so many great programs and formal learning institutions here in Melbourne but we don't have a flexible integrated network that brings together all the stakeholders that can help facilitate 21st Century learning opportunities for all learners. We have a terrific number of talented people who all want to work together to bring about engaging learning experiences for young and old, we just need a network and framework that supports all individuals and organisation formal and informal who want to teach 21st Century skills. If you or your organisation believe Melbourne needs a flexible, integrated, 21st Century learning network then put your details here. I am setting up this network (elastic learning network) as a incorporated association next year. This network will be modelled on the HIVE learning Network in the US My Vision is..... The elastic learning network elastic is a next generation learning network in Melbourne which is made up of libraries, museums, galleries, youth services, schools, universities and community organisations and indiviuals. These organisations and individuals seek to explore ways to work together, share resources and design integrated learning experiences in and around Melbourne. A community of designers, educators, youth workers, mentors, parents and subject matter experts collaborate within this network to facilitate integrated learning opportunities. Your expression of interest will assist in seeking support and funding. Brendan. @insightguy

(Community Engagement Manager)

Build the network and nurture it (online and offline)

Connect & match to generate collaborative learning opportunities

Facilitate a series of quarterly Think Tanks

Support VIC PLNs

Build website, private social network and social media assets

Host offline community events

Facilitate member events

Foster R&D opportunities

Teaching & Training

Community Groups

U3A Melbourne

Melbourne Citymission

Foundation for Young Australians (FYA)

The CRUNCH - Social Traders

Telematics Trust


Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)



Leadership Victoria

Good Company



AMES Community Participation


SYN Media


Learning Partners

curiosity lab

Dan Donahoo - Project Synthesis

Adrian Camm


Zaana Howard

Bubble Dome

Vast Park

Jess McCulloch



Opportunity Knocks You are here taking this quest because you have a will to be the best you can be and because you want to forge a pathway that lets you get paid to go things you love. This is you Passion Quest. What you make it will make you. Go forth and enjoy.... Points and Rewards: At the end of the Passion Quest you should have accumulated 200 points and numerous awards and badges. 140 points from completing the basic game challenges. You can make up the 200 or more from every piece of media content you create and collaborate on. You can accumulate more points and then win prizes. The starting point for most games is substantives, which make up the story and the environment. But verbs are what you can actually do in the story and environment. You can say substantives set the scene. You can have a game with a tree, car, boat, robber and cop, but before you add verbs it is nothing more than a representation. The substantives have a purpose. They set the initial stage, make actions meaningful, and add, in general, more immersion. They draw in the player by setting the scene, explaining the universe, and providing the background story. The substantives make your actions matter—they are required for the verbs to works, even if the substantives are sometimes very limited. Motivation should be in tune with the requirements of good gameplay like good balancing, a well tuned rewards system, varied consequences, and quick user feedback. This can also be summarized into the concept of "challenge." When a player experiences motivation they are challenged, which is the consequence of a number of underlying variables working well.

Who is the user?

What motivates them?

Consider the balance between challenge and ability

21st Century Skills

STEM disciplines

Social Engagement Verbs


State Library of Victoria

Geelong Regional Libraries

Melbourne Library Service


Immigration Museum

Museum Victoria

Australian Centre for the Moving Image


Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre


Special Needs





Capital City LLEN (City LLEN)

Inner Northern LLEN

The South East LLEN

Youth Services

Frontyard Youth Services


Technology, Design and Communications Companies



Programs and Projects



Gamestar Mechanic



ARIS Games

Design Thinking

ideas@play - Design for Good

iCreate to Educate


Study Fresh

7 Scenes


Independent Learning

My Pathway Plan

Story Maps & Writing Adventures

SHOUT Learning

Passion Quest


Easter STREAT Surprise

Languages Underground

Proposed Host/Auspice Organisation

State Library of Victoria


Melbourne University

RMIT University

La Trobe University

Victoria University

Box Hill Institute

Deakin Univestity

Research Partners

Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

Melbourne University

Digital Education Research Network (DERN)


National Gallery of Victoria

Industry Bodies

Multimedia Victoria (MMV)




Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY)

Other Organisations

City of Melbourne

Arts Centre Melbourne

Shrine of Remembrance

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Aquarium

Quantum Victoria

Express Media

Old Melbourne Gaol

Federation Square

Sky Deck

Fitzroy Learning Network

The Hub Melbourne


After School


School Holidays



In school

Learning Games



Middle years City Experience

Online Webinars