Machine Hazards

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Machine Hazards by Mind Map: Machine Hazards

1. In today's life, every workplace is used to do everthing with the help of machine to get better quality of product in less time and less labour cost. Also, machine hazards are common in Ontario sepcially at workplace due to less knowledge regarding machines, carelessness and less safety procedures.

2. Machine hazards can occur at any point. Mainly, it can happen during the operation process when the parts of the equipment are moving, rotating, cutting and shaping the stuff. Due to carelessness, less operating knowledge and less lubrication of machine parts results in cutting and trapping of body parts of an employee which results in laceration, suffocation and amputation sometimes person may die.

3. To reduce the injury at workplace proper knowledge regarding the machine that how to operate, how to lubricate properly and what preventative methods should be used to reduce the chances of hazards should be well known by the emlpoyees. Employees must complete their Occupational Health and Safety training. Supervisors should held an orientation to give the information to new emoployee regarding the hazards which can occur and preventative methods which can be used in case something happen.

4. Proper warning signs should be setup on machine area which can affect the person. Safety guards should be used by machine operators to prevent arms, finger and whole body. Machines should be stopped properly before oiling, cleaning and if maintaining work is done on any part of the machine. Proper lockdown procedures should be used in the company.