I.T Girl Plan

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I.T Girl Plan by Mind Map: I.T Girl Plan

1. Academics

1.1. "Read 1 non-school book a week" about various non fiction topics like fashion, healthy eating or so on

1.2. Improve vocabulary and use it in sentences

1.3. Do well in school academically don't let your grades drop

2. Beauty

2.1. Have perfect skin

2.1.1. Get clear skin. Wash your face, twice a day, everyday. Exfoliate once a week, and use a face mask, say, every other week. Also be sure to treat pimples/acne on your face.

2.2. Wear light makeup to cover flaws on face to school and go glamorous for big events

2.3. Do facials, steams, exfoliation and shaving daily to keep skin youthful and plump

2.4. Eat healthily everyday to keep skin glowing

2.5. Have nice and clean hair. Use a shampoo and conditioner that was made for your hair, then blow dry it and style it how you want. Keep in mind that it doesn't matter what type of hair you have.

2.6. Get rid of unwanted hair. Tweeze your eyebrows, shave your arms/legs, and shave your armpits. Make sure to get rid of all unwanted hair.

2.7. Drink LOTS of water

3. Fashion

3.1. Dress with style, even at home you need to look the best and be seen as the best at all times. The I.T girl never falters even on rest days. To the best you need to look perfect at all times.

3.2. Shop at trendy websites and use Pinterest for ideas for the perfect ensemble where possible opt for designer brands to flaunt your style and spark unattainable envious looks from people.

3.3. As far as nice clothes go, your body cannot and will not conceal fat. In order to become better than her you need to have the perfect body.

3.4. Read magazines, to keep on top of trends, extend your vocabulary

3.5. Whatever you wear, have confidence in it. Don't check yourself out in the mirror or ask everyone if you look okay, or people will know that you doubt yourself.

4. Personality

4.1. You need to breed confidence, walk with grace, head held high and shoulders high. Sit with the perfect posture, at events that include: luncheon and dinner particularly at social events. Do not slouch your shoulders.

4.2. Be nice but not too nice

4.3. Be witty and funny

4.4. Don't reveal everything about yourself to anyone. Have a certain air of mystery around you. Even Serena's scent is mysterious.

4.5. Be willing to step out of your comfort zone: crack jokes with people you don't usually talk to or strike up a conversation

4.6. Don't interrupt people in conversations

4.7. Be very nice, and polite, even if the person you are talking to is awkward or annoying.

4.8. Talk to all kinds of people

5. Habits

5.1. Improve your accent

5.2. Learn another exotic language

5.3. Play a musical instrument

5.4. Volunteer for a worthy cause

5.5. Take amazing photos for instagram

6. Fitness

6.1. Exercise everyday to get skin glowing