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Announcements by Mind Map: Announcements

1. 2-Most of us, maybe all of us, aren't going to be working in a setting that will allow us to complete the Part 2 of the Lesson Plan assignment and the Assessment & Plan assignment, so we will eliminate those components from your work load!

2. 3-Two students are awaiting their textbook - We will postpone the Reading Response assignments for Week 1 until Sunday 23rd for those two students. This will give everyone the opportunity to jump in and share their responses.

2.1. I'm sorry I didn't give this option to two of you who have already posted!

2.2. If you’ve already responded to another student’s post, you don’t have to go back and respond, but you might want to see what the other two students post.

3. 4-Discussion posts: Thursday is the deadline and the latest date to post your initial Reading Response.

3.1. Week 1 is the exception.

3.2. We want to provide our other classmates an opportunity to read our responses and give us feedback or to be able to have a discussion with each other, so the earlier the better.

4. 1-Welcome, Nicole, to our class! We are now 4 students strong!!

5. 5-Learning Plan/Lesson Plan Assignment - complete this as if you would teach it. Don't worry about the reflection portion or pre-assessment. If you have to have students to be able to answer it, then skip it.

5.1. Consider basing your lesson around a book that addresses social emotional skills.

6. 6-What questions do you have? Let me know either via email or on the announcements section under questions! I'm here to help!