Speaking Our Truth - A Journey of Reconciliation

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Speaking Our Truth - A Journey of Reconciliation by Mind Map: Speaking Our Truth - A Journey of Reconciliation

1. Seven Sacred Teachings

1.1. Honesty

1.1.1. Respect Love Courage/Bravery

2. History

2.1. Cultural Genocide

2.2. Pre-contact

2.2.1. Many Nations with their own ceremonies/protocols/beliefs but with share world view Life off land and water Deep connection to and respect for Earth Water is medicine Land is alive and vibrant

2.3. Treaties

2.3.1. Promise of land and education

2.4. Indian Act, 1876

2.4.1. Assimilation

2.4.2. Traditional forms of government abolished

2.4.3. Indian Status through male line

2.4.4. Traditional ceremonies made illegal

2.4.5. Pass needed to do business or leave reserve

2.4.6. Residential Schools

3. Residential Schools

3.1. Children became a number

3.2. Children forbidden from going home or speaking own language

3.3. Illness

3.4. Horrible ABUSE of all kinds

3.5. Forced sterilization

3.6. Death

3.7. Intergeneration Trauma

3.8. Don't talk/trust/feel/love

3.9. Dr. Peter Bruce - courage to speak up but ignored

4. Where are we today?

4.1. Apology

4.2. Truth and Reconciliation Committee recommendations

5. Reconciliation

5.1. an ongoing process of establishing and maintaining respectful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people that will require commitment from all those affected including First Nations, Inuit and Metis former Indian Residential School students, their families, communities, religious entities, former school employees, government and people of Canada

5.1.1. 94 Calls to Action

5.2. 6750 people gave recorded statements

5.3. Honorary Witnesses

5.4. Building bridges

6. Reciprocity

6.1. Mutual exchange of privilege - how we behave in relationship with each other

6.1.1. Golden Rule

6.2. Not just the work of the government - the work of each and every one of us

7. Being an Ally

7.1. Someone who not only commits to social equity but also informs him or herself on the issues

7.2. In similarities we find common humanity

7.2.1. Open heart

7.3. Understand and confront own privilege