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Joints by Mind Map: Joints

1. Synarthosis

1.1. Fibrous

1.1.1. Syndesmosis ligamentous (joining of two bones) w/ no interdigitizing Distal tib/fib Interosseus membrane b/w radius/ulna Ankle

1.1.2. Sutures Fibrous (joining two interdigitizing bones cranial bones

1.1.3. Gomphoses Tooth

1.2. Cartilaginous

1.2.1. Synchondrosis Hyaline cartilage joining two bones Costal cartilage of ribs to sternum Epiphyseal plate of long bones

1.2.2. Symphysis Disc or fibrocartilage joining two bones Intervertebral Pubic symphysis

2. Diarthrosis

2.1. Joint Capsule

2.1.1. Stratum fibrosum encircles bony comp. attached by Sharpey's fibers poorly vascularized richly innervated by joint receptors

2.1.2. Stratum synovium highly vascularized poorly innervated synoviocytes make hyaluronic acid produces collagen

2.2. Synovial joint

2.2.1. Plane (uniaxial) gliding or sliding movement AC joint intercarpal

2.2.2. Pivot (uniaxial) rotation atlanto-axial joint radioulnar

2.2.3. Hinge (uniaxial) flexion and extension humeroulnar interphalangeal

2.2.4. Condyloid (biaxial) flexion/extension and abduction/adduction MCP radiocarpal

2.2.5. Saddle (biaxial) flexion/extension and abduction/adduction thumb CMC sternoclavicular

2.2.6. Ball and socket (multiaxial) f/e, abd/add, med/lat rotation, circumduction glenohumeral acetabulofemoral