Walk About Love

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Walk About Love by Mind Map: Walk About Love

1. Happyness

2. Together

3. Creating the vision

3.1. Walking together

4. Spreading the word

4.1. Internet

4.1.1. Promotion Kits

4.1.2. Links from other sites link exchange Similiar organizations Ideas?

4.2. Physical

4.2.1. W.A.L Bracelets

5. Activities

5.1. Volunteer conferences

5.2. Seeds Of Change

5.2.1. Eco Projects

5.2.2. Social Project

5.2.3. Co-Existence Projects

5.2.4. Educational Projects

5.2.5. People We Need for these projects

6. Helping

6.1. Ways to fundraise

6.1.1. Shop

6.1.2. donations

6.1.3. business co-operation

7. Goals

7.1. Connecting People together

7.1.1. unity

7.2. World Peace

7.2.1. Stopping wars

7.3. Love

8. Site

8.1. Forum

8.1.1. Design Forum

8.1.2. Add Categorys

8.2. Promote the site

8.2.1. Link Exchange

8.2.2. Social Networks Twitter Someone to update Facebook LinkedIn

8.3. gallery

8.3.1. Videos Edit Existing videos

8.3.2. party's video, pictures, music

8.3.3. Pictures Find good pictures Festivals Arak purim global unity bloom party

8.4. Design

8.4.1. Rotating pictures Banner in-site pics

8.4.2. Sponsor Logo place

8.5. Content

8.5.1. Activities Add new

8.5.2. Rewrite all Content Translate Translate to Hebrew

8.5.3. Add Schedule Events Festivals Party's Eco Co-Existence Social Weekends The walk 2009

8.5.4. Add music player

8.5.5. Add video player

8.6. Shop

8.7. Information

8.7.1. Flights

8.7.2. Zimmers

8.7.3. Weather

8.7.4. Visa

8.7.5. Israel's Trail

8.7.6. What to bring

8.7.7. Links backpackers in israel guesthouse

8.8. Support

8.8.1. Volunteering Add form Ways to volunteer

8.8.2. Donations click&pladge litrom

8.9. Membership

8.10. About

8.10.1. How it started

8.10.2. Who are we

8.11. Goals

8.11.1. People I need for the site Forum Manager Add Categorys Operate forum Designers Widget to put on any site Banners for websites Web Master Add modules in joomla HTML knowledge CSS Google maps Translate to english Update events Update sleeping locations Content manager Add content from Content Writer Translations Content Writer Someone that will write and update content and work with our content manager Computer Geeks I need help!!!! Internet Promotion Link Exchange Promote site in forums SEO Social Networks Facebook Twitter more..