Troublesome LI Ancestors

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Troublesome LI Ancestors by Mind Map: Troublesome LI Ancestors

1. William (1575-1659) and Mary Ludlam had three sons in Matlock, Derbyshire, England: William, born 1605; Anthony born 1607; and Obediah born 1609. Tree Details —

2. Sammis

3. Ludlam

3.1. William b.1605

3.2. Anthony born 1607 in Matlock, died in 1661 in Southampton.

3.2.1. Joseph Ludlam b. 1675 Joseph's father is supposed to be Anthony Ludlam. However, he cannot be the same Anthony Ludlam who died in 1661.My guess is that this Anthony was his grandfather. Piece from the Atlantic City newspaper with brief history of Ludlam's Island and Ludlam's Thorofare. I do know that this Joseph Ludlam was the son of some Anthony Ludlam, as mentioned in a will

3.3. Anthony born 1631 in Matlock, died 1682 on Long Island.

3.4. Making this harder, Anthony was a name used by both brothers William and Anthony for sons.

4. Corey

5. Hendrickson


6.1. William born 1575, died 1659, married Mary, lived in Matlock, had three sons

6.1.1. William born 1605 wife Clemence Fordham who died in 1647 in Matlock Shows up on Long Island in 1653

6.1.2. Anthony born 1607

6.1.3. Obediah born 1609