SIri shortcuts

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SIri shortcuts by Mind Map: SIri shortcuts

1. What's new

1.1. Siri can now ask follow-up questions

1.2. Siri learns the user’s routines to suggest relevant shortcuts from your app at just the right time on iOS and watchOS.

1.3. Shortcuts App

1.3.1. provide preconfigured shortcuts, making setup just a tap away can also be paired with actions from other apps, information passing between apps. sers can set up shortcuts to run automatically.

2. Resources

2.1. Siri - Apple Developer

2.2. r/shortcuts - Lots of you were asking about the different parameters for automations, so I took the liberty of recording them! Still a few months till the official release so I expect even more to be added! Exciting stuff!

3. Questions

3.1. How can we use Siri shortcuts to support our goals

3.1.1. Auto start

3.1.2. Acquision

3.1.3. Foreground use

3.1.4. Sharing

3.1.5. Word of mouth