United States / 13 colonies

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United States / 13 colonies by Mind Map: United States / 13 colonies

1. Tea law Sugar law Seal Act Intolerable laws

2. Corsairs are sent by the English crown

3. settling

3.1. occurs in steps

3.1.1. It starts with the expeditions in Canada

3.1.2. Where there was also the implementation of private companies

3.1.3. In that the whole process of colonization is done under real control

3.1.4. Thus arises the 13 colonies, where they were divided in colonies of the north and colonies of the south Northern Colonies -Temporary servitude and family work -Trades and manufactures -Use of polyculture -Economy geared towards the -Internal market South Colonies -Slave labor -The source of income came -from agriculture -Use of monoculture -Foreign market economy

4. Process of independence of the 13 colonies

4.1. Lighting

4.2. Antecesentes

4.2.1. War of Independence - The colonies were supported by France - Having as a result the defeat of England

4.2.2. End of salutary neglect

4.3. Taxes in the 13 colonies

5. Territorial expansion

5.1. A period that lasted practically throughout the nineteenth century, where the country increased its borders in an extraordinary way

5.1.1. Law of Quebec Prevented the occupation of the lands of the west

5.1.2. Recently independent, the country was formed by the 13 colonies

5.1.3. March to the West Beginning of an aggressive expansion  

5.1.4. In about a century they formed one of the largest nations on the globe