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Employee appraisal by Mind Map: Employee appraisal

1. Drawing up a local regulation

1.1. Concept, goals, objectives

1.2. List of categories of personnel not subject to certification

1.3. Dates

1.4. Form of certification

1.5. Evaluation criteria

1.6. Composition and powers of the commission

1.7. Procedure for certification

1.8. Types of final conclusions

2. Getting the results of certification

3. Certification

4. Preparation of the necessary documents for the certification commission

4.1. evaluation from of working and business skills

4.2. certified reports

4.3. qualification sheets

4.4. the for of the conclusion of the commission

4.5. from to record suggestions of employees

5. Formation of the attestation commission

5.1. chairman

5.2. vice-chairman

5.3. secretary

5.4. members of the commission