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SOGA by Mind Map: SOGA


1.1. Section 4 (1) Sale of Goods Act 1957 :

1.1.1. a contract whereby the seller transfer or agrees to transfer the property ingoods to the buyer for a price.

1.2. 3 Main elements in a contract SOGA

1.2.1. Goods must available

1.2.2. Seller agree to transfer the property in goods

1.2.3. There is price

1.3. Objective of the Contract SOGA

1.3.1. is the transfer of ownership of the goods to the buyer for a money consideration

1.3.2. Sales occur when the ownership/ property in goods passes to the buyer

1.4. Definition of

1.4.1. BUYER : Section 2 SOGA Act 1957 a person who buys or agree to buy goods

1.4.2. SELLER : Section 2 SOGA 1957 a person who sells or agrees to sell goods


2.1. SECTION 2 SOGA ACT 1957

2.1.1. every kind of movable property other than actionable claims and money; and include stock and shares and things attached to or forming part of land which are agreed to be severed before sale or under the contract SOGA MORGAN V RUSSEL the vendor was lessee of certain land. He sold to the purchasers all the slag on his premises so much as the purchases should desire to remove