Castlevania Circle of the Moon Goals

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Castlevania Circle of the Moon Goals by Mind Map: Castlevania Circle of the Moon Goals

1. Complete a Regular Playthrough, with 100% Completion

1.1. Complete Base Game

1.2. Collect All Magic Items

1.2.1. Dash Boots

1.2.2. Double

1.2.3. Tackle

1.2.4. Kick Boots

1.2.5. Heavy Ring

1.2.6. Cleansing

1.2.7. Roc Wing

1.2.8. Last Key

1.3. Collect All Cards

1.3.1. Action Cards Mercury Venus Jupiter Mars Diana Apollo Neptune Saturn Uranus Pluto

1.3.2. Attribute Cards Salamander Serpent Mandragora Golem Cockatrice Manticore Griffin Thunderbird Unicorn Black Dog

1.4. Complete the Battle Arena

1.5. One of Every Item

1.5.1. Body Equipment Leather Armor Bronze Armor Gold Armor Chain Mail Steel Armor Platinum Armor Diamond Armor Mirror Armor Needle Armor Dark Armor Shining Armor Cotton Robe Silk Robe Rainbow Robe Magic Robe Sage Robe Cotton Clothes Prison Garb Stylish Suit Night Suit Ninja Garb Soldier Fatigues

1.5.2. Arm Equipment Double Grips Star Bracelet Strength Ring Hard Ring Intelligence Ring Luck Ring Cursed Ring Strength Armband Defense Armband Sage Armband Gambler Armband Wrist Band Gauntlet Arm Guard Magic Gauntlet Miracle Armband Toy Ring Bear Ring

1.5.3. Recovery Meat Spiced Meat Potion Potion High Potion Ex Mind Restore Mind High Mind Ex Heart Heart High Heart Ex Heart Mega Antidote Cure Curse

2. Complete Magician Mode

3. Complete Fighter Mode

4. Complete Shooter Mode

5. Complete Thief Mode

6. Casual Run