Castlevania SOTN Goals

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Castlevania SOTN Goals by Mind Map: Castlevania SOTN Goals

1. 100% Playthrough

1.1. Collect All of the Relics

1.1.1. Cube of Zoe

1.1.2. Faerie Scroll

1.1.3. Spirit Orb

1.1.4. Jewel of Open

1.1.5. Leap Stone

1.1.6. Gravity Boots

1.1.7. Merman Statue

1.1.8. Holy Symbol

1.1.9. Soul of Wolf

1.1.10. Power of Wolf

1.1.11. Skill of Wolf

1.1.12. Form of Mist

1.1.13. Power of Mist

1.1.14. Gas Cloud

1.1.15. Soul of Bat

1.1.16. Fire of Bat

1.1.17. Echo of Bat

1.1.18. Force of Echo

1.1.19. Faerie Card

1.1.20. Bat Card

1.1.21. Demon Card

1.1.22. Ghost Card

1.1.23. Sword Card

1.1.24. Ring of Vlad

1.1.25. Heart of Vlad

1.1.26. Rib of Vlad

1.1.27. Tooth of Vlad

1.1.28. Eye of Vlad

1.2. Beat Every Boss

1.2.1. Beelzebub

1.2.2. Cerberus

1.2.3. The Creature

1.2.4. Death

1.2.5. Doppelganger

1.2.6. Dracula

1.2.7. Fake Grant

1.2.8. Fake Sypha

1.2.9. Fake Trevor

1.2.10. Gaibon

1.2.11. Galamoth

1.2.12. Giant Bat

1.2.13. Hippogryph

1.2.14. Legion

1.2.15. Lesser Demon

1.2.16. Malphas

1.2.17. Medusa

1.2.18. Minotaur

1.2.19. Mummy

1.2.20. Olrox

1.2.21. Richter Belmont

1.2.22. Scylla

1.2.23. Shaft

1.2.24. Skeleton Leader

1.2.25. Slogra

1.2.26. Succubus

1.2.27. Werewolf

1.3. Complete the Bestiary (100%)

1.4. 200.6% Map Completion

1.5. Have the Best Possible Fight with Dracula as Richter

1.6. Learn All Spells

1.6.1. Dark Metamorphosis

1.6.2. Summon Spirit

1.6.3. Hellfire

1.6.4. Tetra Spirit

1.6.5. Soul Steal

1.6.6. Wolf Charge

1.6.7. Wing Smash

1.6.8. Sword Brothers

1.7. Purchase All Possible Stuff From Librarian

1.8. Get One of Every Item/Weapon

1.8.1. Weapons Short Swords Basilard Combat Knife Holbein Dagger Short Sword Stone Sword Jewel Sword Shotel Rapier Were Bane Swords Gladius Scimitar Cutlass Saber Falchion Broadsword Bekatowa Damascus Sword Hunter Sword Bastard Sword Talwar Sword of Hador Luminuss Harper Gram Dark Blade Alucart Sword Tyrfing Mormegil Thunderbrand Icebrand Firebrand Holy Sword Terminus Est Gurthang Marsil Mourneblade Mablung Sword Alucard Sword Badelaire Sword Familiar Vorpal Blade Crissaegrim Two Handed Weapons Claymore Flamberge Sword of Dawn Estoc Zwei Hander Obsidian Sword Great Sword Red Rust Takemitsu Namakura Muramasa Katana Osafune Katana Yasutsuna Masamune Nunchaku Throwing Swords Chakram Heaven Sword Rune Sword Clubs Mace Morning Star Shield Rod Holy Rod Star Flail Moon Rod Fists Knuckle Duster Blue Knuckles Jewel Knuckles Iron Fist Fist of Tulkas

1.8.2. Shields Leather Shield Knight Shield Iron Shield Alucart Shield Shaman Shield Herald Shield AxeLord Shield Medusa Shield Skull Shield Goddess Shield Dark Shield Fire Shield Alucard Shield

1.8.3. Armor Head Sunglasses Goggles Holy Glasses Ballroom Mask Stone Mask Bandanna Felt Hat Leather Hat Velvet Hat Wizard Hat Steel Helm Dragon Helm Circlet Gold Circlet Coral Circlet Cat-Eye Circlet Beryl Circlet Opal Circlet Topaz Circlet Ruby Circlet Silver Crown Body Cloth Tunic Dracula Tunic God's Garb Hide Cuirass Alucart Mail Bronze Cuirass Mirror Cuirass Iron Cuirass Healing Mail Fire Mail Steel Cuirass Silver Plate Gold Plate Lightning Mail Ice Mail Dark Armor Platinum Mail Holy Mail Spike Breaker Brilliant Mail Fury Plate Diamond Plate Mojo Mail Axe Lord Armor Alucard Mail Walk Armor Cloaks Cloth Cape Reverse Cloak Blood Cloak Elven Cloak Crystal Cloak Royal Cloak Joseph's Cloak Twilight Cloak Other Zircon Aquamarine Turquoise Onyx Garnet Opal Diamond Gold Ring Silver Ring Lapis Lazuli Staurolite Ring of Arcana Ring of Pales Ring of Ares Ring of Feanor Ring of Varda Necklace of J Nauglamir Moonstone Sunstone Bloodstone Ankh of Life Mystic Pendant King's Stone Covenant Stone Medal Heart Broach Talisman Duplicator Gauntlet Secret Boots

1.8.4. Items Projectiles Boomerang Buffalo Star Bwaka Knife Cross Shuriken Dynamite Fire Boomerang Flame Star Iron Ball Javelin Magic Missile Monster Vial 1 Monster Vial 2 Monster Vial 3 Shuriken TNT Bombs Neutron Bomb Power of Sire Karma Coin Pentagram Bat Pentagram Food Grapes Orange Banana Pineapple Apple Strawberry Chinese Bun Green Tea Shortcake Tart Red Bean Bun Cheesecake Ice Cream Barley Tea Parfait Pudding Pork Bun Cheese Frankfurter Grape Juice Hamburger Miso Soup Pizza Ham and Eggs Omelette Morning Set Lunch A Lunch B Spaghetti Curry Rice Gyros Plate Dim Sum Set Ramen Shiitake Natou Peanuts Pot Roast Delicious Meal Turkey Sirloin Sushi Meal Ticket Toadstool Medicine Potion High Potion Elixir Manna Prism Heart Refresh Antivenom Uncurse Hammer Attack Potion Luck Potion Shield Potion Smart Potion Strength Potion Life Apple Resist Dark Resist Fire Resist Holy Resist Ice Resist Stone Resist Thunder Library Card

2. Completely Unarmed Playthrough

3. Axe Lord Armor Playthrough

4. Richter Playthrough

5. Maria Playthrough

6. Keep Starting Equipment Glitched Playthrough

7. Casual Run

8. Spell Only Run