Systems of Equations Lesson

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Systems of Equations Lesson by Mind Map: Systems of Equations Lesson

1. Video Instruction

1.1. First Video - Graphing 3 examples & Types of solutions

1.2. Second Video - Elimination 3 examples - 1 easy cancel and 2 with criss cross multiplying

1.3. Third Video - Substitution 3 examples - 1 easy substitution, 1 negative y and 1 with coefficient > 1

2. Video Follow Up

2.1. Google Form

2.1.1. First Form - What do you think the process is for solving a system of equations by graphing, elimination and substitution 3 answer areas for each method

2.1.2. Second form - 5 practice questions 2 elimination, 2 substitution, 1 graphing Enter answers into google form If students want to upload a picture of their work, then they can upload it to google classroom under the proper assignment.

2.2. Google Form Feedback

2.2.1. A virtual thought card will be created through google forms that will have positive, negative, questions, and suggestions prompts that students can fill in.