Fallout 1 Goals

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Fallout 1 Goals by Mind Map: Fallout 1 Goals

1. Normal Playthrough

2. Kill Everything Playthrough

3. Melee Only Playthrough

4. Unarmed Only Playthrough

5. 100% Playthrough with More Goals

5.1. Complete All Quests (By Location)

5.1.1. Vault 13 Find the Water Chip Calm Rebel Faction Find the Water Thief Destroy the Mutant Leader Destroy the Source of the Mutants Obtain More Equipment Research Important Information Unlock the Armory

5.1.2. Shady Sands Rescue Tandi From the Raiders Stop the Radscorpions Talk to Katrina Improve Shady Sands' Agricultures Recruit Ian Make Poison Antidote Cure Jarvis of Radscorpion Poison

5.1.3. Raiders Free the Slaves

5.1.4. Junktown Rescue Sinthia Stop Gizmo Bust the Skulz Gang Save Killian's Life Get Gizmo's Confession Solve Phil's Canine Conundrum Recruit Tycho Help Saul Steal Neal's Urn

5.1.5. Hub Find the Missing Caravans Steal Necklace From the Merchants Ask Water Merchant to Help Blackmail Iguana Bob Help Irwin Guard the Caravans Clean Out the Loan Shark Take Down Decker Rescue Initiate From the Hub

5.1.6. Necropolis Destroy the Super Mutants at the Watershed Fix the Necropolis Water Pump Free Ghoul Prisoner

5.1.7. Glow Turn on Power for the Glow

5.1.8. Brotherhood Become an Initiate Rescue Initiate from the Hub Scout the Northern Wastes Convince the Elders to Send Help Fix the Broken T-51b Power Armor Receive Your Weekly Issue Dr. Lorri's Surgeries Receive Training from Thomas Get Sophia Some Pulse Grenades for Michael

5.1.9. Boneyard Fix the Hydroponic Farms in Adytum Get Weapons for the Blades Exterminate the Deathclaws Free Adytum from the Regulators Recruit Katja

5.2. All Locations Discovered

5.2.1. Boneyard

5.2.2. Brotherhood

5.2.3. Cathedral

5.2.4. The Glow

5.2.5. The Hub

5.2.6. Junktown

5.2.7. Military Base

5.2.8. Necropolis

5.2.9. Raiders

5.2.10. Shady Sands

5.2.11. Vault 12

5.2.12. Vault 13

5.2.13. Vault 15

5.3. Have "Champion" Reputation

5.4. Recruit All Companions

5.4.1. Dogmeats

5.4.2. Ian

5.4.3. Katja

5.4.4. Tandi

5.4.5. Tycho

5.5. Experience All High Luck Random Encounters

5.5.1. Alien Ship

5.5.2. Bob's Pre-Owned Car Mart

5.5.3. Brahmin Herd

5.5.4. Giant Footprint

5.5.5. Nuka-Cola Truck

5.5.6. Unusual Call Box

5.6. One of Every Weapon/Armor/Item

5.6.1. Weapons Unarmed Weapons Brass Knuckles Power Fist Rock Spiked Knuckles Melee Weapons Cattle Prod Club Combat Knife Crowbar Knife Ripper Sledgehammer Spear Super Sledge Throwing Knife Small Guns Pistols SMGs Rifles Shotguns Big Guns Minigun Flamer Rocket Launcher Energy Weapons Pistols Rifles Throwing Flare Frag Grenade Molotov Cocktail Plasma Grenade Pulse Grenade Rock Spear Throwing Knife Traps Dynamite Plastic Explosives

5.6.2. Armor Brotherhood Armor Combat Armor Hardened Power Armor Leather Armor Leather Jacket Metal Armor Power Armor Robes Tesla Armor

5.6.3. Ammunition .223 FMJ .44 Magnum FMJ .44 Magnum JHP 10mm AP 10mm JHP 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell 14mm AP 5mm AP 5mm JHP 9mm Ball BBs Explosive Rocket Flamethrower Fuel Microfusion Cell Rocket AP Small Energy Cell

5.6.4. Consumables Antidote Beer Booze Buffout Fruit Iguana-on-a-Stick Mentats Nuka-Cola Psycho RadAway Rad-X Stimpak Super Stimpak

5.6.5. Holodisks and Notes Ancient Brotherhood Disk Alpha Experiment Disk Captain Maxson's Diary Delta Experiment Disk Encryption Decoder Disk FEV Experiment Disk FEV Research Maxson Log Military Base Security Code Mutant Transmissions Power Armor Specs Regulator Transmission Richard Grey's Audio Diary Sophia's Tape Vault Locations v34.129 Vree's Autopsy Report West Tek Records

5.6.6. Skill Books Big Book of Science Dean's Electronics First Aid Book Guns and Bullets Scout Handbook

5.6.7. Miscellaneous Items General Use Bag Back Pack Geiger Counter Bottle Caps Scorpion Tail Water Flask First Aid Kit Doctor's Bag Lock Picks Electronic Lock Pick Motion Sensor Stealth Boy Tool Quest Items Blue Pass Key Bug Chemistry Journals COC Badge (Black) COC Badge (Red) Junk Dog Tags Necklace Psychic Nullifier 2043B Radio Red Pass Key Rope Security Card Small Piece of Machinery Tape Recorder Urn Water Chip Yellow Pass Key Other Items Cat's Paw Flower Fuzzy Painting Key Ring Key Lighter Small Duty Box of Some Sort

6. Complete a Modded Playthrough