Fallout 2 Goals

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Fallout 2 Goals by Mind Map: Fallout 2 Goals

1. Normal Playthrough

2. Kill Everything Playthrough

3. Melee Only Playthrough

4. 100% Playthrough

4.1. All Locations Discovered

4.1.1. Arroyo

4.1.2. Broken Hills

4.1.3. Den

4.1.4. Gecko

4.1.5. Ghost Farm

4.1.6. Golgotha

4.1.7. Klamath

4.1.8. Military Base

4.1.9. Modoc

4.1.10. Navarro

4.1.11. New California Republic

4.1.12. New Reno

4.1.13. Poseidon Oil Rig

4.1.14. Raiders

4.1.15. Redding

4.1.16. San Francisco

4.1.17. Sierra Army Depot

4.1.18. Stables

4.1.19. Toxic Caves

4.1.20. Vault 13

4.1.21. Vault 15

4.1.22. Vault City

4.2. Recruit All Companions

4.2.1. John Cassidys

4.2.2. Davin

4.2.3. Dogmeat

4.2.4. Goris

4.2.5. K-9

4.2.6. Lenny

4.2.7. Marcus

4.2.8. Miria

4.2.9. Myron

4.2.10. Pariah Dog

4.2.11. Robodog

4.2.12. Skynet

4.2.13. Sulik

4.2.14. Vic

4.3. Complete All Quests (By Location)

4.3.1. Arroyo Kill the Evil Plants That Infest Hakunin's Garden Obtain Flint to Have Mynoc Sharpen Your Spear Fix the Well for Feargus Rescue Nagor's Dog, Smoke, from the Wilds Finish Temple of Trials Find Vic the Trader Retrieve the GECK for Arroyo Stop the Enclave

4.3.2. Broken Hills Fix the Mine's Air Purifier Find the Missing People for Marcus Divert More Electrical Power to Eric's Home Beat Francis at Armwrestling Defeat the Professor's Radscorpion in Three Challenges Typhon's Treasure Become an Expert Excrement Expeditor

4.3.3. Den Free Vic from His Debt by Getting His Radio Find Out How Becky Can Sell Her Booze for Such Low Prices Get Car Part for Smitty Return Anna's Locket Collect Money from Fred Get Book from Derek Deliver a Meal to Smitty for Mom Lara Wants to Know What is Being Guarded in the Church Get Permission from Metzger for Gang War Find Weakness in Tyler's Gang Guarding the Church Listen to Stacy's Kitty Story Listen to Leanne's Story About the Master

4.3.4. Gecko Solve the Gecko Powerplant Problem Optimize the Powerplant Retrieve the Economy Disk and Deliver it to McClure in Vault City Get Super Repair Kit for Skeeter Find Woody the Ghoul for Percy. Try the Den

4.3.5. Klamath Refuel the Still Rescue Smiley the Trapper Guard the Brahmin Kill the Rat God Rescue Torr

4.3.6. Modoc Something Strange is Happening at the Farm Northeast of Modoc. Deliver Slag Message to Jo in Modoc Go to the Den and Tell Karl It's Alright to Come Back Home Cornelius Has Lost His Gold Pocket Watch. Find it and return it Farrel Has a Rodent Problem in His Garden. Remove the Infestation Jonny is Missing. Find Him and Bring Him Home Jonny's in the Slag Caves. Find a Way to Get Him Home Guard Brahmin Herd for Grisham Help Bess the Brahmin Kill the "Chicken"

4.3.7. Navarro Deal with the Deathclaw Fix K-9 Retrieve the FOB from the Base Commander

4.3.8. New California Republic Retrieve Parts/Gain Access to Vault 15 "Take Care of Officer Jack" for Mira Complete Brahmin Drive Retrieve Papers From Dr. Henry Test Mutagenic Serum on a Super Mutant. Eliminate Mr. Bishop Deliver Westin's Holodisk to Lynette in Vault City Get the Map form the NCR Rangers, for Vortis the Slaver Free the Slaves in the Slave Pen, for the Rangers Stop Brahmin Raids

4.3.9. New Reno Recover Your Stolen Car Find Out Who Was Responsible for Richard Wright's Overdose Suspect: Renesco Find a Way into the Sierra Army Base Track Down Pretty Boy Lloyd, Recover the Stolen Mone Go Visit Renesco the Rocketman and Collect Mr. Salvatore's Tribute Help Guard a Secret Transaction Taking Place in the Desert Find Some Endorphin Blockers to Make a Cure For Jet Bust up Wrights's Still Deliver Ten Cat's Paw Magazines to Miss Kitty Deliver a Laser Pistol to Eldridge Purchase the Kesting Special Become a Prizefighter Become a Porn Star Bring Renesco Some Glasses Learn About Vault City and Education from Mrs. Bishop Witness a Secret Transaction

4.3.10. Redding Clear Wanamingo Mine Find Out Who Cut the Whore Find the Excavator Chip Break Up the Bar Brawl Kill Frog Morton Evict the Widow

4.3.11. San Francisco The Navigation Computer Needs the NavComp Part to Work The Tanker Needs Fuel You Need to Use a FOB to Access the Navigation Computer The Shi Needs Plans for a Vertibird from Navarro Kill the AHS-9 Find Badger's Girlfriend in the Hold Below the Ship The Dragon Wants You to Take Out Lo Pan - Hand to Hand Get Chip's Spleen Get Some Hardened Power Armor from Crockett Get the Vertibird Plans for the Brotherhood of Steel

4.3.12. Sierra Army Depot Assemble Body for Skynet

4.3.13. Vault 13 Fix the Vault 13 Computer Talk to Goris

4.3.14. Vault 15 Rescue Chrissy Kill Darion Complete Deal with NCR Give Spy Holodisk to Authority in NCR

4.3.15. Vault City Get a Plow for Mr. Smith Deliver Moore's Briefcase to Mr. Bishop in New Reno Deliver a Sample of Jet to Dr. Troy Solve the Gecko Powerplant Problem Deliver Lynette's Holodisk to Westin in NCR Rescue Amanda's Husband, Joshua Deliver Beer and Booze to Lydia Deliver Pliers (tools) and a Wrench to Valerie Scout the Eight Sectors Around Gecko and Return to Stark Enter NCR and Return to Stark Find Mr. Nixon Help Charlie See Phyllis Gain Combat Implants Drink Your Weight in Alcohol-Z Auto-Doc Rodeo Stop Bishop's Raider Band from Attacking Vault City

4.4. Obtain One of Every Weapon/Armor/Item

4.4.1. Weapons Melee Weapons Shiv Switchblade Knife Throwing Knife Combat Knife "Little Jesus" Wakiszashi Club Wrench Crowbar Rock Gold Nugget Uranium Ore Refined Uranium Ore Sharpened Pole Spear Sharpened Spear Sledgehammer Super Sledge Louisville Slugger Ripper Cattle Prod Super Cattle Prod Unarmed Brass Knuckles Spiked Knuckles Boxing Gloves Plated Boxing Gloves Power Fist Mega Power Fist Small Guns Pistols SMGs Rifles Shotguns Big Guns Light Support Weapon Bozar M60 Minigun Avenger Minigun Vindicator Minigun Flamer Improved Flamer Rocket Launcher Energy Weapons Pistols Rifles Throwing Frag Grenade Plasma Grenade Pulse Grenade Holy Hand Grenade Molotov Cocktail Rock Gold Nugget Uranium Ore Refined Uranium Ore Plant Spike Flare Spear Sharpened Spear Sharpened Pole Throwing Knife Explosives Dynamite Plastic Explosives

4.4.2. Armor and Clothing Robes Leather Jacket Leather Armor Combat Leather Jacket Leather Armor Mk II Metal Armor Metal Armor Mk II Bridgekeeper's Robes Combat Armor Combat Armor Mk II Brotherhood Armor Power Armor Hardened Power Armor Advanced Power Armor Advanced Power Armor Mk II Tesla Armor

4.4.3. Ammunition .223 FMJ .44 Magnum FMJ .44 Magnum JHP .45 Caliber 2mm EC 4.7mm Caseless 5mm AP 5mm JHP 7.62mm 9mm 9mm Ball 10mm AP 10mm JHP 14mm AP BB's 12 Gauge Shotgun Shells Explosive Rocket Rocket AP Flamethrower Fuel Flamethrower Fuel Mk II HN Needler Cartridge HN AP Needler Cartridge Microfusion Cell Small Energy Cell

4.4.4. Consumables Antidote Beer Booze Buffout Cookie Fruit Gamma Gulp Beer Healing Powder Hypo Iguana-on-a-Stick Jet Jet Antidote Meat Jerky Mentats Monument Chunk Mutated Toe Nuka-Cola Poison Psycho RadAway Rad-X Roentgen Rum Rot Gut Stimpak Super Stimpak

4.4.5. Skill Books Big Book of Science Cat's Paw Issue nr. 5 Dean's Electronics Fallout 2 Hintbook First Aid Book Guns and Bullets Scout Handbook

4.4.6. Holodisks and Notes Bishop's Holodisk Gecko Reactor Holodisk Hubologist Teachings Hubologist Holodisk Lynette Holodisk Military Base Level 1 Military Base Level 2 Military Base Level 3 Military Base Level 4 Military Base Level 5 NCR History Holodisk NCR Spy Holodisk Power Plant Operations Sierra Depot Experiment Log Sierra Depot Evacuation Notice Sierra Depot GNN Transcript Sierra Depot Medical Log Sierra Mission Statement State of the Nation The Project Vault 13 Holodisk Vault City Designer Notes Vault City Travel Log Westin Holodisk Word List

4.4.7. Miscellaneous Items Aid Doctor's Bag First Aid Kit Field Medic First Aid Kit Paramedic's Bag Tools Electronic Lock Pick Electronic Lock Pick Mk II Expanded Lock Pick Set Lock Picks Super Tool kit Tool General Use Items Bag Broc Flower Empty Hypodermic Flare Geiger Counter Mirrored Shades Money Motion Sensor Pip-Boy Medical Enhancer Pip-Boy Lingual Enhancer Scorpion Tail Shovel Xander Root Other Items Ball Gag Bottle Caps Chemistry Journals Condom (blue package) Condom (green package) Condom (red package) Cosmetics Case Daisies Damaged Rubber Doll Deck of Cards Dice Easter Egg Flower Fuzzy Painting Gold Tooth Heart Pills Junk Kokoweef Mine Scrip Lighter Loaded Dice Masticator's Ear Morningstar Mine Scrip Motor Necklace Pack of Marked Cards Player's Ear Pocket Lint Radio Radscorpion Limbs Ranger Pin Robot Parts Sheriff's Badge Small Statuette Talisman Technical Manual The Lavender Flower Trophy of Recognition Water Chip Water Flask Yellow Reactor Keycard

4.5. Obtain the Highest Reputation Available for Every Area

4.5.1. Arroyo

4.5.2. Broken Hills

4.5.3. Den

4.5.4. Gecko

4.5.5. Ghost Farm

4.5.6. Golgotha

4.5.7. Klamath

4.5.8. Military Base

4.5.9. Modoc

4.5.10. Navarro

4.5.11. New California Republic

4.5.12. New Reno

4.5.13. Poseidon Oil Rig

4.5.14. Raiders

4.5.15. Redding

4.5.16. San Francisco

4.5.17. Sierra Army Depot

4.5.18. Stables

4.5.19. Toxic Caves

4.5.20. Vault 13

4.5.21. Vault 15

4.5.22. Vault City