Fallout New Vegas Goals

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Fallout New Vegas Goals by Mind Map: Fallout New Vegas Goals

1. Normal Playthrough

2. Kill Everything Playthrough

3. Melee Only Playthrough

4. Complete Unarmed Only Playthrough

5. 100% Playthrough with More Goals

5.1. All Locations Discovered

5.1.1. Mojave

5.1.2. Sierra Madre

5.1.3. Zion Canyon

5.1.4. Big MT

5.1.5. The Divide

5.2. Collect All Snow Globes

5.2.1. Goodsprings

5.2.2. Hoover Dam

5.2.3. Mormon Fort

5.2.4. Mt. Charleston

5.2.5. Nellis AFB

5.2.6. Test Site

5.2.7. The Strip

5.2.8. Sierra Madre

5.2.9. Zion National Park

5.2.10. Big MT

5.2.11. Lonesome Road

5.3. All Unique Armor and Weapons

5.3.1. Weapons Unarmed Weapons Cram Opener Dr. Klein's Glove Dr. Mobius' Glove Embrace of the Mantis King! Fist of Rawr Golden Gloves Greased Lightning Love and Hate Paladin Toaster Pushy Recompense of the Fallen Salt-Upon-Wounds' Power Fist She's Embrace Two-Step Goodbye Melee Weapons Blade of the East Blood-Nap Broad Machete Chance's Knife Chopper Figaro Gehenna Knock-Knock Liberator Nephi's Golf Driver Nuka Breaker Oh, Baby! Old Glory The Humble Cudgel X-2 Antenna Guns A Light Shining in Darkness Abilene Kid LE BB Gun All-American Big Boomer Bozar Christine's CoS Silencer Rifle CZ57 Avenger Dinner Bell FIDO Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle La Longue Carabine Li'l Devil Lucky Maria Medicine Stick Mysterious Magnum Paciencia Ratslayer Sleepytyme Sturdy Caravan Shotgun Survivalist's Rifle That Gun This Machine Vance's 9mm SMG Weathered 10mm Pistol Energy Weapons AER14 Prototype Alien Blaster Cleansing Flame Compliance Regulator Elijah's Jury-Rigged Tesla Cannon Euclid's C-Finder Holorifle MF Hyperbreeder Alpha Missing Laser Pistol Pew Pew Pulse Gun Q-35 Matter Modulator Sprtel-Wood 9700 Tesla-Beaton Prototype The Smitty Specials Van Graff Laser Rifle Van Graff Plasma Rifle YCS/186 Explosive Weapons Esther Great Bear Grenade Rifle Red Victory Grenade Rifle Mercenary's Grendade Rifle Thump-Thump Mercy Annabelle Holy Frag Grenade

5.3.2. Armor Advanced Riot Gear All-Purpose Science Suit Ambassador Crocker's Suit Arcade's Lab Coat Armor of the 87th Tribe Armored Vault 13 Jumpsuit Assassin Suit Atomic-Valence Tri-Radii-Oscillator Benny's Suit Boone's Beret Brotherhood Elder's Robe Caesar's Armor Caleb McCaffery's Hat Chalk's Headdress Chinese Stealth Armor Christine CoS Recon Armor Courier Duster Daniel's Outfit Dean's Tuxedo Desert Ranger Combat Armor Destroyed Collar Dr. Klein's Glasses Dr. Klein's Scrubs Dr. Mobius' Glasses Dr. Mobius' Scrubs Elite Riot Gear Enclave Officer Uniform Eulogy Jones' Suit Father Elijah's Robes Fedora Follower's Lab Coat Gannon Family Tesla Armor General Oliver's Uniform Hazmat Suit (Old World Blues) Jason Bright's Outfit Jessup's Bandana Joshua Graham's Armor Legate's Armor Lightweight Leather Armor Lightweight Metal Armor Lucky Shades Marked Beast Eyes Helmet Marked Beast Face Helmet Marked Beast Helmet Marked Beast Tribal Helmet Motor-Runner's Helmet Naughty Nightwear Party Hat Pimp-Boy 3 Billion Police Hat President Kimball's Suit Rebreather Regulator Duster Salt-Upon-Wounds' Helmet Scorched Sierra Power Armor Sheriff's Duster Space Suit Stealth Suit Mk II Suave Gambler Hat Trenchcoat Tribal Raiding Armor Tuxedo Hat Ulysses' Duster Ulysses' Mask US Army General Outfit Vance's Lucky Hat Vault Lab Uniform Vera's Outfit Vikki's Bonnet Viva Las Vegas

5.4. Complete All Quests (Except for Bad Karma Quests)

5.4.1. Main Quests Ain't That a Kick in the Head Back in the Saddle By a Campfire on the Trail They Went That-a-Way Ring-a-Ding-Ding! Things That Go Boom King's Gambit For the Republic, Part 2 You'll Know It When It Happens Eureka!

5.4.2. Side Quests A Valuable Lesson Come Fly With Me G.I. Blues Return to Sender Talent Pool That Lucky Old Sun The Legend of the Star Volare! Aba Daba Honeymoon Ant Misbehavin' Anywhere I Wander Back in Your Own Backyard Beyond the Beef Birds of a Feather Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues Bleed Me Dry Boulder City Showdown Bye Bye Love Can You Find it in Your Heart? Classic Inspiration Climb Ev'ry Mountain Crazy, Crazy, Crazy Cry Me a River Debt Collector Don't Make a Beggar of Me ED-E My Love Emergency Radio Eye for an Eye Eyesight to the Blind Flags of Our Foul-Ups For Auld Lang Syne Ghost Town Gunfight Guess Who I Saw Today Hard Luck Blues Heartache by the Number High Times How Little We Know I Could Make You Care I Don't Hurt Anymore I Forgot to Remember to Forget I Fought the Law I Put a Spell On You Keep Your Eyes on the Prize Left My Heart Medical Mystery My Kind of Town No, Not Much Nothing But a Hound Dog Oh My Papa One for My Baby Pheeble Will Pressing Matters Restoring Hope Someone to Watch Over Me Still in the Dark Tend to Your Business The Coyotes The House Has Gone Bust! The Moon Comes Over the Tower The White Wash There Stands the Grass Three-Card Bounty Unfriendly Persuasion Wang Dang Atomic Dango We Will All Go Together Wheel of Fortune You Can Depend on Me Young Hearts

5.4.3. DLCs Dead Money Sierra Madre Grand Opening! Find Collar 8: "Dog" Find Collar 12: Christine Find Collar 14: Dean Domino Fires in the Sky Strike Up the Band Mixed Signals Trigger the Gala Event Put the Beast Down Curtain Call at the Tampico Last Luxuries Heist of the Centuries Honest Hearts A Family Affair Arrival at Zion Bighorners of the Eastern Virgin Chaos in Zion Civilized Man's Burden Crush the White Legs Deliver of Sorrows Departing Paradise Flight from Zion Gathering Storms Gone Fishin' Happy Trails Expedition Prisoners of War Retake the Bridge Rite of Passage River Monsters Roadside Attraction Sanctity of the Dead The Advance Scouts The Grand Staircase The Treacherous Road Tourist Trap Old World Blues A Brain's Best Friend All My Friends Have Off Switches Coming Out of Her Shell Field Research He Came... And Went Influencing People Midnight Science Fiction Feature! Old World Blues On the Same Wavelength Picking Your Brains Project X-13 Sonic Emitter Upgrade Welcome to the Big Empty What's in a Name? When Visitors Attack! X-2: Strange Transmissions! X-8: High School Horror! X-8 Data Retrieval Test X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator! Lonesome Road The Reunion The Silo The Job The Launch The Tunnelers The Divide The Courier The End The Apocalyse

5.4.4. Unmarked Quests A Bit of Slap and Tickle A Final Plan for Esteban A Pair of Dead Desperados I A Pair of Dead Desperados II A Team of Moronic Mercenaries Access Powers All Fired Up! An Ear to the Ground Andy and Charlie Barton the Fink Bear Necessities Big Winner Bounty Killer Brotherhood Bond Cajoling a Cudgel Claws Mended Claws Out Dealing with Contreras Defacing the Humble Stone Democracy Inaction Exhumin' Nature Fight Night Flogging a Dead Corpse Friend of the Followers Gland for Some Home Cooking Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Hat's Entertainment Help for Halford Hidden Valley Computer Virus Highway to the Danger Zone Honorary Rocketeer I Love Bananas Keith's Caravan Charade Lenk's Bad Debts Lily and Leo Long-Term Care Malleable Mini Boomer Minds Maud's Muggers Meeting an Equal Missing a Few Missiles Not Worth a Hill of Corn and Beans Old School Ghoul Papers, Please Pistol Packing Playing on the Old Joana Poor Meat Never Makes Good Soup Power to the People Razzle Dazzle! Reach for the Sky, Mister! Rest and Resupply Ringo's Caravan Rules Rotface's Loose Lips Saving (or Savaging) Sergeant Teddy Short-Term Treatment Silus Treatment Smooth-Talking Criminal The Star Showdown Strategic Nuclear Moose Straus Calls Strip Search Suits You, Sarah Tags of Our Fallen The Screams of Brahmin Thought for the Day Tourist Traipse Trudy's Radio Repair Useless Baubles or Fancy Trinkets? We Must Stop Beating Like This We Must Stop Meeting Like This Wind-Brahmin Wrangler You Gotta Break Out a Few Eggs You Make Me Feel Like a Woman

5.5. Recruit All Companions and Complete Their Quest Lines

5.5.1. Arcade Israel Gannon

5.5.2. Craig Boone

5.5.3. Lily Bowen

5.5.4. Raul Alfonso Tejada

5.5.5. Rose of Sharon Cassidy

5.5.6. Veronica Santangelo

5.5.7. ED-E

5.5.8. Rex

5.6. Obtain One of Every Weapon/Armor/etc.

5.6.1. Weapons Guns Pistols Rifles SMGs Shotguns Heavy Weapons Energy Weapons Energy Pistols Energy Rifles Energy Heavy Weapons Explosives Projectile Thrown Placed Melee Bladed Blunt Thrown Unarmed Ballistic Fist Bear Trap Fist Bladed Gauntlet Boxing Gloves Boxing Tape Brass Knuckles Displacer Glove Dog Tag Fist Industrial Hand Mantis Gauntlet Power Fist Saturnite Fist Saturnite Fist Super-Heated Scientific Glove Corrosive Glove Sterilizer Glove Spiked Knuckles Yao Guai Gauntlet Zap Glove Other Big Mountain Transportalponder! Binoculars Codac R9000 Laser Detonator

5.6.2. Weapon Mods Guns Pistols Rifles SMGs Shotguns Heavy Energy Weapons Pistols Rifles Heavy Explosives Rifles Heavy Melee Bladed Blunt Unarmed Bear Trap Fist Heavy Duty Springs Power Fist Chromed Tubes Power Fist Hi-Cap Valves Power Fist Ported Chambers

5.6.3. Armor and Clothing Headgear Glasses Hats Helmets Other Armor Light Medium Heavy Clothing Boomer Flightsuit Boomer Jumpsuit Bounty Hunter Duster Brahmin-Skin Outfit Bright Brotherhood Robe Brotherhood Scribe Robe Caravaneer Outfit Chained Prostitute Outfit Civilian Engineer Jumpsuit Dapper Gambler Suit Dead Money Jumpsuit Dirty Pre-War Businesswear Dirty Pre-War Casualwear Dirty Pre-War Parkstroller Dirty Pre-War Relaxedwear Dirty Pre-War Spring Outfit Exposed Prostitute Outfit Fancy Gambler Suit Field Hand Outfit Followers Doctor Coat Formal Wear Grimy Pre-War Businesswear Handyman Jumpsuit Jailhouse Rocker Janet's Boomer Outfit Kings Outfit Lab Technician Outfit Lobotomite Jumpsuit Mad Scientist Scrubs Memphis Kid Outfit NCR Engineer Jumpsuit Patient Gown Powder Gang Plain Outfit Powder Gang Simple Outfit Powder Gang Soldier Outfit Pre-War Casualwear Pre-War Parkstroller Outfit Pre-War Relaxed Wear Pre-War Spring Outfit Prospector Outfit Prostitute Outfit Ranger Casual Outfit Ranger Red Scarf Outfit Ranger Vest Outfit Roving Traded Outfit Settler Outfit Sexy Sleepwear Shabby Gambler Suit Scientist Outfit Scientist Scrubs Slave Rags Vault 11 Jumpsuit Vault 19 Jumpsuit Vault 21 Jumpsuit Vault 22 Jumpsuit Vault 3 Utility Jumpsuit Vault 34 Jumpsuit Wasteland Doctor Fatigues Wasteland Legend Outfit Wasteland Settler Outfit Wasteland Surgeon Outfit Wasteland Wanderer Outfit Well-Heeled Gambler Suit White Glove Society Attire Yangtze Camp Jumpsuit

5.6.4. Ammunition .22LR Standard Hollow Point Plinking .308 Standard JSP Hand Load Hollow Point Armor Piercing .357 Standard JFP Hand Load Hollow Point .38 Special Round .44 Magnum Standard Hollow Point SWC Hand Load Special Round .45 Auto Standard Hollow Point +P Super Hand Load .45-70 Gov't Standard Hollow Point SWC Hand Load .50 MG Standard Explosive Armor Piercing Incendiary Match Hand Load 5mm Standard Armor Piercing Hollow Point JSP (Hand Load) Surplus 5.56 Standard Armor Piercing Surplus Hollow Point Match (Hand Load) .223 Caliber Round 9mm Standard +P Hollow Point JHP (Hand Load) 10mm Standard JHP Hand Load Hollow Point 12.7mm Standard JHP (Hand Load) Hollow Point 12 Gauge Standard 4/0 Buck 4/0 Buck Mag (Hand Loader) Bean Bag Coin Shot Dragon's Breath Flechette Magnum Pulse Slug Slug 20 Gauge Standard 3/0 Buck 3/0 Buck Mag. (Hand Loader) Slug Magnum Pulse Slug 25mm Grenade Standard High Explosive Plasma Pulse Timed 40mm Grenade Standard Incendiary Plasma Pulse Missile Standard High Explosive High Velocity Hive Mini Nuke Standard Big Kid Low Yield Timed Tiny Tots Rocket Standard High Explosive Incendiary Alien Power Cell Archimedes II Charge Electron Charge Pack Standard Bulk Optimized (Vigilant Recycler) Over Charge Max Charge Energy Cell Standard Bulk Optimized (Vigilant Recycler) Over Charge Max Charge Flamer Fuel Standard Homemade Optimized (Vigilant Recycler) Microfusion Cell Standard Bulk Optimized (Vigilant Recycler) Over Charge Max Charge Microfusion Breeder BBs Camera Film Nails Standard Flechette

5.6.5. Skill Books Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor Nikola Tesla and You Duck and Cover! Guns and Bullets Tumblers Today D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine Grognak the Barbarian Dean's Electronics Big Book of Science Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual Lying, Congressional Style Wasteland Survival Guide Pugilism Illustrated

5.6.6. Skill Magazines Boxing Times Fixin' Things Future Weapons Today Lad's Life La Fantoma! Locksmith's Reader Meeting People Milsurp Review Patriot's Cookbook Programmer's Digest Salesman Weekly Tales of Chivalrie Today's Physician True Police Stories

5.7. Unlock All Achievements

5.7.1. New Kid

5.7.2. Up and Comer

5.7.3. The Boss

5.7.4. Ol' Buddy Ol' Pal

5.7.5. The Whole Gang's Here

5.7.6. Crafty

5.7.7. Mod Machine

5.7.8. Walker of the Mojave

5.7.9. Master of the Mojave

5.7.10. Globe Trotter

5.7.11. You Run Barter Town

5.7.12. Blast Mastery

5.7.13. Love the Bomb

5.7.14. Lead Dealer

5.7.15. No Tumbler Fumbler

5.7.16. Stim-ply Amazing

5.7.17. New Vegas Samurai

5.7.18. Jury Rigger

5.7.19. Hack the Mojave

5.7.20. Artful Pocketer

5.7.21. Outstanding Orator

5.7.22. Desert Survivalist

5.7.23. Old-Tyme Brawler

5.7.24. Know When to Fold Them

5.7.25. One Armed Bandit

5.7.26. Little Wheel

5.7.27. Double Down

5.7.28. Caravan Master

5.7.29. The Courier Who Broke the Bank

5.7.30. Hardcore

5.7.31. Ain't That a Kick in the Head

5.7.32. They Went That-a-Way

5.7.33. Ring-a-Ding-Ding!

5.7.34. The House Always Wins

5.7.35. For the Republic, Part 2

5.7.36. Render Unto Caesar

5.7.37. Wild Card

5.7.38. All or Nothing

5.7.39. Veni, Vidi, Vici

5.7.40. Eureka!

5.7.41. No Gods, No Masters

5.7.42. Come Fly With Me

5.7.43. Talent Pool

5.7.44. Return to Sender

5.7.45. Arizona Killer

5.7.46. You'll Know It When It Happens

5.7.47. G.I. Blues

5.7.48. That Lucky Old Sun

5.7.49. Volare!

5.7.50. The Legend of the Star

5.7.51. Assemble Your Crew

5.7.52. Cash Out

5.7.53. Having a Ball

5.7.54. Safety Deposit Box

5.7.55. Sierra Madre Souvenir Aficionado

5.7.56. In a Foreign Land

5.7.57. May my Hand Forget its Skill

5.7.58. O Daughter of Babylon

5.7.59. Restore Our Fortunes

5.7.60. When We Remembered Zion

5.7.61. Cardiac Arrest

5.7.62. Make Up Your Mind

5.7.63. Making Friends

5.7.64. Outsmarted

5.7.65. Spinal-Tapped

5.7.66. ED-Ecated

5.7.67. Condemned to Repeat It

5.7.68. Hometown Hero

5.7.69. Rocket's Red Glare

5.7.70. Warhead Hunter

5.7.71. Curios and Relics

5.7.72. Master of the Arsenal

5.7.73. Up to the Challenge

5.7.74. Combat Veteran

5.7.75. Pros Only

6. Complete a Modded Playthrough

7. Permadeath Playthrough on Hardcore