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Skyrim Goals by Mind Map: Skyrim Goals

1. 100% Playthrough

1.1. Join All of the Guilds, and Achieve the Highest Rank

1.1.1. Bards College

1.1.2. Blades

1.1.3. Greybeards

1.1.4. College of Winterhold

1.1.5. The Companions

1.1.6. The Coven of Namira

1.1.7. Dark Brotherhood

1.1.8. Imperial Legion

1.1.9. Nightingales

1.1.10. Stormcloaks

1.1.11. Thieves Guild

1.1.12. Tribal Orcs

1.1.13. Dawnguard

1.1.14. Volkihar Clan

1.2. Complete All Achievements

1.2.1. Unbound

1.2.2. Bleak Falls Barrow

1.2.3. The Way of the Voice

1.2.4. Diplomatic Immunity

1.2.5. Alduin's Wall

1.2.6. Elder Knowledge

1.2.7. The Fallen

1.2.8. Dragonslayer

1.2.9. Take Up Arms

1.2.10. Blood Oath

1.2.11. Glory of the Dead

1.2.12. Gatekeeper

1.2.13. Revealing the Unseen

1.2.14. The Eye of Magnus

1.2.15. Taking Care of Business

1.2.16. Darkness Returns

1.2.17. One with the Shadows

1.2.18. With Friends Like These...

1.2.19. Bound Until Death

1.2.20. Hail Sithis!

1.2.21. Taking Sides

1.2.22. War Hero

1.2.23. Hero of Skyrim

1.2.24. Sideways

1.2.25. Hero of the People

1.2.26. Hard Worker

1.2.27. Thief

1.2.28. Snake Tongue

1.2.29. Blessed

1.2.30. Standing Stones

1.2.31. Citizen

1.2.32. Wanted

1.2.33. Married

1.2.34. Artificer

1.2.35. Master Criminal

1.2.36. Golden Touch

1.2.37. Delver

1.2.38. Skill Master

1.2.39. Explorer

1.2.40. Reader

1.2.41. Daedric Influence

1.2.42. Oblivion Walker

1.2.43. Dragon Soul

1.2.44. Dragon Hunter

1.2.45. Words of Power

1.2.46. Thu'um Master

1.2.47. Apprentice

1.2.48. Adept

1.2.49. Expert

1.2.50. Master

1.2.51. Awakening

1.2.52. Beyond Death

1.2.53. Kindred Judgement

1.2.54. Lost to the Ages

1.2.55. Soul Tear

1.2.56. Auriel's Bow

1.2.57. Werewolf Mastered

1.2.58. Vampire Mastered

1.2.59. A New You

1.2.60. Legend

1.2.61. Proud Parent

1.2.62. Landowner

1.2.63. Architect

1.2.64. Land Baron

1.2.65. Master Architect

1.2.66. Outlander

1.2.67. The Temple of Miraak

1.2.68. The Path of Knowledge

1.2.69. At the Summit of Apocrypha

1.2.70. Dragon Aspect

1.2.71. Hidden Knowledge

1.2.72. Stalhrim Crafter

1.2.73. Dragonrider

1.2.74. Raven Rock Owner

1.2.75. Solstheim Explorer

1.3. Complete Sets of All Armor and Weapons

1.3.1. Armor Sets: Heavy Armor Sets: Stalhrim Armor Orcish Armor Iron Armor Falmer Hardened Armor Falmer Armor Dragonplate Armor Dawnguard Heavy Armor Ancient Nord Armor Bonesmold Armor Blades Armor Chitin Heavy Armor Daedric Armor Dwarven Armor Ebony Armor Falmer Heavy Armor Imperial Armor Nordic Carved Armor Steel Plate Armor Wolf Armor Steel Armor Light Armor Sets: Chitin Armor Elven Armor Forsworn Armor Fur Armor Glass Armor Dawnguard Armor Dragonscale Armor Hide Armor Imperial Light Armor Leather Armor Morag Tong Armor Penitus Oculatus Armor Sealed Armor Shrouded Armor Skaal Armor Stalhrim Light Armor Stormcloak Armor Stormcloak Officer Armor Unique Armor Sets: Ancient Falmer Armor Ancient Shrouded Armor Armor of the Old Gods Ahzidal's Armor Blackguard's Armor Deathbrand Armor Guild Master's Armor Set Linwe's Armor Set Nightingale Armor Thieves Guild Armor Worn Shrouded Armor

1.3.2. Weapons Daggers: Alessandra's Dagger Blade of Woe Blade of Sacrifice Bloodthorn Borvir's Dagger Daedric Dagger Dragonbone Dagger Dragon Priest Dagger Dwarven Dagger Ebony Dagger Elven Dagger Glass Dagger Iron Dagger Kahvozein's Fang Keening Mehrunes' Razor Nettlebane Nordic Dagger Orcish Dagger Rundi's Dagger Shiv Skyforge Steel Dagger Stalhrim Dagger Steel Dagger Valdr's Lucky Dagger Maces: Daedric Mace Dragonbone Mace Dwarven Mace Ebony Mace Elven Mace Glass Mace Horksbane Iron Mace Lunar Iron Mace Lunar Steel Mace Mace of Molag Bal Nordic Mace Orcish Mace Prelate's Mace Rusty Mace Stalhrim Mace Steel Mace Swords: Akaviri Sword Amren's Family Sword Ancient Nord Sword Blades Sword Bloodscythe Bolar's Oathblade Ceremonial Sword Chillrend Daedric Sword Dawnbreaker Dragonbane Dragonbone Sword Drainheart Sword Dwarven Sword

1.4. All Skills to 100

1.4.1. Magic: Alteration Conjuration Destruction Illusion Restoration Enchanting

1.4.2. Combat: Archery Heavy Armor One-Handed Two-Handed Block Smithing

1.4.3. Stealth: Alchemy Light Armor Lockpicking Pickpocket Sneak Speech

1.5. Recruit All Available Companions, and Equip Them with the Best Equipment

1.5.1. Housecarls: Argis the Bulwark (Markath) Calder (Windhelm) The White Hall (Dawnstar) Iona (Riften) Jordis the Sword-Maiden (Solitude) Lydia (Whiterun) Rayya (Falkreath) Valdimar (Morthal)

1.5.2. Faction Follower: College of Winterhold: Brelyna Maryon J'zargo Onmund The Companions: Aela the Huntress Athis Farkas Njada Stonearm Ria Torvar Vilkas Dark Brotherhood: Cicero Dark Brotherhood Initiate Dawnguard: Ingjard Durak Agmaer Beleval Celann

1.5.3. Mercenaries: Belrand Erik the Slayer Jenassa Marcurio Stenvar Teldryn Sero Vorstag

1.5.4. Quest Reward Followers: Adelaisa Vendicci Ahtar Annekke Crag-Jumper Aranea Lenith Eola Erandur Faendal Frea Golldir Illia Kharjo Lob Mjoll the Lioness Ogol Ralis Sedarys Roggi Knot-Beard Serana Sven Talvas Fathryon Ugor

1.5.5. Miscellaneous Followers: Benor Borgakh the Steel Heart Cosnach Derkeethus Ghorbash the Iron Hand Uthgerd the Unbroken

1.5.6. Non-Humanoid Armored Troll Babas Bran CuSith Garmr Meeko Riekling Sceolang Steadfast Dwarven Sphere Steadfast Dwarven Spider Stray Dog Vigilance

2. Melee Only Playthrough

3. Magic Only Playthrough

4. Modded Playthrough

5. Casual Run