Pat Wallace Last Update: 12/11/2019

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Pat Wallace Last Update: 12/11/2019 by Mind Map: Pat Wallace Last Update: 12/11/2019

1. Pat's Goals

1.1. Prepare for release of Anthology

1.1.1. Very little activity from the release of the anthology.

1.2. Work on new books

1.2.1. Bear Book is in the Works Fully Written Critique needed - Me First Pass / Critique (Sam Cabbage) Use of Scribophile Illustration Status = 1/3% done on the back burner for now until after the dragon / cat book are done.

1.2.2. Dragons ABC Book (before xmas) In progress Black and white part for coloring book is almost finished Jose ($15-20) may be a good resource for assisting with coloring. Ezio - $15/page Kindle Book, Print & Coloring Book

1.2.3. The Little Cat Book (before xmas) Short little book Need to expand to make the 24 minimum # of pages. Amazon KDP has mini-books. See Laurie Wright's version.

1.3. Organize and get assistance with coordination

1.4. Giveaways to build your email list

1.5. The Fairy Chronicles (Series)

1.5.1. On a hard drive of a computer that died.

1.6. Novel is also on the drive and may be able to be recovered.

1.7. Grandma's Magic Peaches

1.7.1. Doesn't have illustrations, only words.

1.8. Web Site

1.8.1. Add Landing Page

1.8.2. Update with new logo

1.8.3. Formatting / Updates

2. Next Steps

2.1. Book1 (Published) - Grandma's Magic Peaches. Re-Launch. 2020 - Re-Launch

2.1.1. Cover Design for Grandma's Magic Peaches - as soon as possible (book 1st week of July)

2.1.2. Update Cover Download of Cartoon Character - older lady, white fluffy hair and purple dress holding a wand and have peaches in the air. Child looking down through the cellar door when he sees her

2.1.3. Update internal pages to include web link

2.1.4. Amazon Listing Update

2.1.5. Illustrations for Phase 2

2.2. Focus on Author Platform

2.2.1. MailChimp Email List Giveaways to create email list Opt-In form 2000+ Emails Help Follow Instagram Focus on Landing Page and promotion of that page.

2.2.2. Marketing Materials

2.2.3. Author Page

2.2.4. Increase Facebook Page Following (70?)

2.2.5. Create Instagram Account

2.2.6. Revamp the Web Site

2.3. Prep for Pre-xmas releases

2.3.1. Praise: or graphic designer regarding formatting of the books - so they're ready for xmas. ($100-$120) per book formatted including cover and inside, ebook & paperback versions.

2.3.2. Register Copyrights

2.3.3. Purchase Blocks of ISBNs

2.3.4. CIP & LCCN

2.3.5. Dragon Book Working on copying the dragons and playing with watercolors Need to update the manuscript

2.3.6. My Cat Hat Is black and white - and will stay that way Need to copy illustration to new boards Need to update the manuscript

2.3.7. Intro Video - Use the Illustrations sent over

2.3.8. Schedule No later than first wk of Nov By mid-Oct formatting to Praise Illustration complete by mid-October (Pat)

3. About Pat

3.1. Author / Illustrator

3.2. Books

3.3. Former ghost-writer

3.4. Resources

3.4.1. Friend in Marketing (Delores)

3.4.2. Illustration Skills

3.4.3. No social media following

4. PJ Kids Books

4.1. Author Page

4.2. Books

5. Keywords

5.1. For Ads

5.1.1. t is for turbo abc book motorhead garage series (YYG)

5.1.2. t is for turbo abc book motorhead garage series (YGG)

5.1.3. Oh the places you'll go by Dr. Seuss

5.1.4. Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see (YYR)

5.1.5. Best seller dragon books (YGY)

5.2. 7 Keywords

5.2.1. Children's Funny Dragon Books

5.2.2. Dragon coloring books for kids 3-8

5.2.3. Dragon ABC books for kids 3-8

5.2.4. dragon books for kids age

5.2.5. childrens books ages 1-3 (GYR)

5.2.6. dinosaur books for boys age 5 (GGR)

5.2.7. dinosaur books for boys age 6 (GGR)

5.2.8. dragon books for boys age (YGR)

5.2.9. gifts for boys age...

5.3. For Ads

6. [email protected]