AE BIM Division Objectives

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AE BIM Division Objectives by Mind Map: AE BIM Division Objectives

1. Extern: Make Amberg known for innovative solutions in the field of logistics and the use of underground space and as a unique provider of engineering, technologies, logistics and infrastructure solutions.

1.1. Amberg R+D KEYRESULT: 2 Projects in 2019

1.1.1. UsecaseManagement

1.1.2. IFC Tunnel

1.1.3. FGU BIM

1.2. Technologic Growth. KEYRESULT 3 new Offerings.

1.2.1. Amberg Prestige Projects Sersa Weichenerneuerung SBB Pilot Basel SBB AIM BIM SBB BIM Consulting BIM4REN

1.2.2. BIM Consulting KBOB VDI Beuth EWZ Nagra VBZ swisstotp

1.2.3. Offer BIM Management

1.3. Make Amberg visible. KEYRESULT 10 Events or Publicationen in 2019

1.3.1. Amberg at Konferences or Events

1.3.2. Amberg in Publications

1.3.3. coherent marketing message - AE BIM / Digital

2. Intern: Drive AE in 21cen. Establish BIM, RapidEngineering and Use of Information. Expand cooperation within the Amberg Group, based on impartiality. The overall performance and success of the team have priority.

2.1. Transformation of the Amberg companies into a digital thinking company. Keyresult 10 cooperative projects 2019

2.1.1. Exchange Amberg employees within the companies AT AL AE VSH promote VSH AE 2 AL Roche AT 2 AE AL 2 AE VSH 2 AE

2.1.2. Promoting international exchange and cooperation Use smartsheet Read and expand Learning Outcomes Contribute toKnowledgemanagement Contribute to Ressource and Competence Management.

2.1.3. Amberg Simple Publish Event and results Publish Training and results Publish ressources Project Training and Events Absense

2.1.4. Amberg Academy BIM Training Offer Framework expand Establish Niveaus Promote Trainings BIM Management

2.1.5. Internal Tools Development Rapid Engineering, Parametric Modelling ImageRecognition Plattform + CDE CDE Evaluation 3d experience RebarModelling Templates [email protected] Graph DB Softvise Modellviewer Arcgis Plattform Leapfrog und TSP

2.2. Be helpfull. Support and Helping other AE teams. Keyresult 100 happy customer

2.2.1. Establish Forum Q+A

2.2.2. Support other Projects