Measurement and Assessment in Teaching

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Measurement and Assessment in Teaching by Mind Map: Measurement and Assessment in Teaching

1. Assessment

1.1. Assessment Procedures

1.1.1. Maximum Performance Typical Performance Formative Assessment Summative Assessment Placement Assessment Diagnostic Assessment

2. Test

3. Measurement

3.1. Validity

3.1.1. Content Validity

3.1.2. Construct Validity

3.1.3. Assessment- Criterion Relationship

3.1.4. Consequences

3.2. Reliability

3.2.1. Test-Retest

3.2.2. Equivalent Forms

3.2.3. Test-Retest with Equivalent Forms

3.2.4. Split Half Split Half Method

3.2.5. Kuder-Richardson Kuder- Richardson and Coefficient Alpha

3.2.6. Interrater

3.3. Correlation

3.3.1. Correlation Coefficient