Security and Payment Systems in E-Commerce

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Security and Payment Systems in E-Commerce by Mind Map: Security and Payment Systems  in E-Commerce

1. Payments Systems

1.1. On-Line methods

1.1.1. Financial electronic cards

1.1.2. Platform or payment gateway

1.1.3. Electronic wallets

1.1.4. No contact cards

1.1.5. Digital money

1.1.6. Smartcards

1.2. Off-Line methods

1.2.1. Cash on delivery

1.2.2. Money order or Telegraphic

1.2.3. Deposit in current account

1.2.4. Wire transfer

1.2.5. Business cards

1.2.6. Western Union or similar accredited companies

2. Security

2.1. No repudiation

2.1.1. It must be ensured that once a message has been sent, the recipient can not deny having received it.

2.2. Integrity

2.2.1. It is necessary to ensure that the data and information transmitted in the e-commerce (...) are not altered accidentally or maliciously, or destroyed during the transmission.

2.3. Authentication

2.3.1. All the actors and elements involved in the payment must be authenticated (...). buyer, seller and payment institutions must have the identity of the parties with which they are being treated assured.

2.4. Security

2.4.1. Customers should be sure that, in turn, it is safe to provide a credit card number through the internet.

2.5. Confidentiality or privacy of the transaction

2.5.1. It must be avoided that the messages (...) are intercepted, so that they are only read by the recipient of the information, or in case of interception of the data, they no longer have value.

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