The Evolution of Microbiology

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The Evolution of Microbiology by Mind Map: The Evolution of Microbiology

1. Individuals who contributed to microbiology

1.1. Antoine Van Leeuwenhooke

1.1.1. This scientists contributed to the discovery of microbes.

1.2. Robert Koch

1.2.1. This scientists pointed out the diseases microorganisms can cause.

1.3. Ferdinand Julius Cohn

1.3.1. This scientists dealt with the classification of bacterias in specific categories.

1.4. Louis Pastuer

1.4.1. This scientist along with Spanalli both brought about the idea that micorganisms do not just arise out of nowhere. These scientists also relate to the sterilization of microorganisms.

1.5. Lazzari Spallanzani

2. Microbiology is the study of microorganisms

2.1. Microbes or microorganisms is an organism that is made up of one single cell.

3. Microorganisms include fungi, algae, and protozoa.

4. Microorganisms live in different areas such as the earth crusts, under water, in soil, etc. Many of these microorganisms contribute to keeping the environment functional that we live in.