Cult Research

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Cult Research by Mind Map: Cult Research

1. Manipulation Methods

1.1. Public Humiliation

1.1.1. Cult leaders often maintain emotional control through various exercises meant to publicly humiliate a member.

1.2. Self Incrimination

1.2.1. Cult members to provide their leader with written statements detailing their individual fears and mistakes.

1.3. Brainwashing

1.3.1. Repeat various lies and distortions until members find it difficult to distinguish between reality and cult life.

1.4. Paranoia

1.4.1. To maintain a false sense of comfort, cults often rely on paranoia tactics.

2. Features of a Cult

2.1. Submission to leadership

2.2. Polarized world view

2.3. Feeling over thought

2.4. Manipulation of feelings

2.5. Group over individual

2.6. Severing ties with past family, friends, goals and interests

3. How will a rape victim feel years later?

3.1. Strong feelings of shame, guilt, anxiety, fear, anger and sadness

3.2. Nightmares or intrusive thoughts and memories

3.3. Lack of trust in people

3.4. Major depression

3.5. Anxiety

3.6. Pain, fear, or anxiety in sexual acts

3.7. Don't acknowledge they have been raped

4. Procedures used in therapy

4.1. Invites you to share what’s been going on in your life, what’s on your mind, what’s bothering you, or whether there are any goals you’d like to discuss

4.2. Homework to complete after a session

4.3. Might share progress and address any areas where they got frustrated, stuck, or off-track