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CHAT @ TUDublin Collaboration Assistive Technology Passport - Living Life to the Full with Assistive Technology Technology for living Launch of Sight&Sound sponsorship 16th 18 October by Mind Map: CHAT @ TUDublin Collaboration  Assistive Technology Passport -  Living Life to the Full with Assistive Technology  Technology for living  Launch of Sight&Sound sponsorship  16th 18 October

1. Concept and overview

1.1. What is the presence of the stakeholders at the launch?

1.2. Request for more hands on technology @CHAT

1.3. * Note another company are also in talks with regards sponsorship.

2. Date : 16th October

3. Location: St Laurence's TUDublin Grangegorman

3.1. 80

4. Time: Launch 10am - 10.30am

4.1. Welcome President TUDublin_ Sarah check with Catherine Bates

4.2. Freedom Tech DFI - Joan

4.2.1. Enable Ireland - Siobhan

4.3. Sight and Sound - Glenn

4.3.1. Industry user base engage with what users need

4.3.2. Sight and sound - who we are ? Keep it short an dkey 3 min a piece

4.4. Someone using Sight and sound technology

4.5. Minister - Mary Mitchell O Connor

4.6. Press Release

4.6.1. Quote from Freedom. Tech FreedomTech - Joan & Siobhan Sight and sound - Stuart

4.6.2. Print Opinion piece - education streamlining Irish Times Examiniaer open letter - Simon Cokey tech news Educational supplements - tech have already covered the passport Tech journalists are looking for specifics

4.6.3. Radio Pat Kenny might run if the research is strong Talk shows are looking for personal stories - human interest - social impact Jess Kelly might visit the story [email protected]

4.6.4. TV Ireland AM

4.6.5. Photo and intro

4.6.6. Key Human interest story - Unique collaboration working together

4.6.7. Push main stream audience Main stream devices - built along with specialist hardware Business or Tech pages Irish time - working life - in Employment their journey using AT Health supplement on Tuesdays Sight and sound and what they can do? Don't forget - drop In events and meet the team - practical and hands on

4.7. Zoom Meeting

4.7.1. There are three individuals identified Enable Ireland

4.7.2. Press release to be written and released by Fionnula Quote sight and sound - already sent Quote from Freedom Tech - Joan to look Quote from Minister

4.7.3. Op Ed piece Goal - Content and how does it fit in ? Park it for now but do it towards the end of the year. Use as a follow on

4.7.4. Invitation DFI CEO FreedomTech Use the social channels Freedom Tech - CHAT is the Gatherings multistakholder

5. 10.30am - 12.30am - CHAT meeting

5.1. MC -Catherine Bates

5.1.1. Siobhan to contact Trevor - moved on

5.1.2. Disability Support Service

5.1.3. Catherine Bates

5.2. Passport overview - Siobhan - Mohammed, to link to MAS app

5.2.1. Service Provision

5.2.2. Referral / Eligibility

5.2.3. Selection of Assistive solution

5.2.4. Selection of Equipment

5.2.5. Authorisation

5.2.6. Implementation

5.2.7. Management and Follow up

5.2.8. Add a case study - Julieann is working with participants

5.3. Speaker One - Parent - of school going child - high reference to AT and show and tell

5.3.1. Siobhan to contact parent to see if they will share personal story

5.4. Speaker Two - Student tell of the struggle of access to AT

5.4.1. Siobhan to contact student from UL who is on a ventilator.

5.5. Policy - Feedback on Open Letter - Joan

5.5.1. Ask Irish Policy what work NDA are doing AT Ciaran Finley (Not Available)

5.6. Break up into three sessions

5.6.1. Education Visiting teacher service - they have put a lot of technology in school they would - how do they feed back into the system - facilitate in your offices CPD - technology sharepoint with more specialist technology. how you get information How you share How it impacts the student? AT access officers Visiting Speaker

5.6.2. Listening out to the challenges

5.7. Shoutouts

5.7.1. BOI - Recruit Focus Group for Acccessibility of new APP

5.7.2. HackAccessDublin

5.7.3. StartAbility

5.8. Service Providers

5.8.1. To present in the room expert area invite REHAB - David Pollard Innovative projects MVP's/ New AT

5.8.2. Sight&Sound

5.8.3. EnableIreland Noel

5.8.4. SafeCare

5.8.5. Urability - SNA eLearning Platform

5.8.6. SJOG / Samsung LETITBE

5.8.7. WaytoB - Independent Travel

5.8.8. TUDublin - Student

5.9. Bologna Declaration - Ask Evert Jan - 2 minutes

5.10. Deirdre Desmond WHO Great 3 min - Not Available

6. Lunch 12.45- 1.30am

6.1. Covered by Sight and Sound

7. 1.30 - 3.30 Sight and Sound workshop

8. 1.30 - 3.30 AT Passport Workshop

8.1. Sarah to contact Mohammad to discuss the workshop

9. Time keeper

10. Survey

10.1. disclaimer for Survey

10.1.1. to carry out evaluation and study

11. Dissemination for freedom tech

12. Rapatour