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1. Reproduction

1.1. Sexual

1.1.1. Animals

1.1.2. Fertilization Combination of Haploid gemets 24-30 hours the female receives proteins through the seminal fluid of the male increase their activity, reduce their sexual receptivity stimulate their immune system

1.1.3. A lot of babys

2. Genetics

2.1. Purpose

2.1.1. Biological inheritance Analyze, undertand and explain it

2.2. Nucleus

2.2.1. Contain

2.2.2. 46 chromosomes (from mother and father)

2.2.3. Chromosomes Diploid Haploid 23 chromosomes (or the mother or the father) DNA Nucleic acid Genotypes Gene Allele

2.2.4. Traits and physical characteristics

3. Mendel inheritance laws

3.1. Law of Segregation

3.1.1. Two genes of a gene pair segregate from each other into the gametes, so half the gametes carry one member of the other pair, and the other the other half.

3.2. Law of Independent Assortment

3.2.1. Different genes pairs assort randomly during the gamete formation.

3.3. Law of Dominance

3.3.1. In a cross of parents that are pure for contrasting traits, only one form of the trait will appear in the next generation.

4. Sex linked inheritance

4.1. Y chromosome

4.1.1. Fewer genes

4.1.2. Shorter than the Y chromosome

4.2. X-linked disorders

4.2.1. Less common in females More common in males They have just one X chromosome

5. Drosophila Melanogaster

5.1. Characteristics

5.1.1. Body Colors Yellow Orange Brown Black

5.1.2. Structure: Head Large and wide Straight Tilted towards the back Thorax : Large amount of mushrooms

5.2. Life cycle

5.2.1. Egg Stage: 2-30 days

5.2.2. Pupa Stage: 6-11 days

5.2.3. Larvae Stage: 9-15 days

5.2.4. Fly Stage: 1-95 days

5.2.5. Life Cycle: 1-152 days

5.3. Sexual Chromosmes

5.3.1. Y 50 genes

5.3.2. X 1,000 genes

5.4. Alimentation

5.4.1. Decomposing products Fermentation Smell Acid surface

5.5. Drosophila White eyes related genes

5.5.1. Hybrids Progenitor Character dominant

5.5.2. Chromosome that determine sex Genetic factor related eyes color X chromosome (female)

5.5.3. Phenotype

5.5.4. Males displays