Punjab National Bank Personal Loan

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Punjab National Bank Personal Loan by Mind Map: Punjab National Bank Personal Loan

1. Why Choose PNB Personal Loans?

1.1. Multipurpose loans: You can use the personal loan PNB amount pretty much for any genuine purpose.

1.2. Minimum Documentation: The PNB personal loan requires only a few basic documents to approve your much-needed personal loan.

1.3. No security/collateral: You do not need to pledge a security /collateral to avail a PNB personal loan.

1.4. Easy repayment options- You can decide to pay PNB personal loan emi with easy and multiple payment options as per your convenience. These options include auto debit, online payment, ECS, PDCs and so on.

2. Features and Benefits

2.1. No restriction on end use of the loan amount as it is a MULTIPURPOSE LOAN

2.2. Attractive rate of interest

2.3. Flexible repayment option

2.4. Loan can be availed for various personal requirements

2.5. Quick processing & disbursal

3. Eligibility & Document Required

3.1. All permanent Defense Personnel including officials of Military Station Headquarters, Border Security Force, Central Reserve Police Force, Central Industrial Security Force, Indo Tibetan Border Police, etc. are eligible for PNB personal loans.

3.2. Confirmed/permanent employees of Central/State Govt. /PSUs and all reputed companies/Institutions including Schools, Colleges, Universities, autonomous bodies, Hospitals/Nursing Homes, who are either drawing their salary through accounts maintained with PNB branches are eligible candidates for Punjab national bank personal loan.

3.3. Professionally qualified practicing Doctors viz., MBBS, BDS having an annual income of Rs.4 lakhs and above and have been paying tax since 3 years are also eligible to get a loan from PNB.

4. PNB Personal Loan Fees and Charges

4.1. The PNB personal loan interest rates start from MCLR+3.55 %

4.2. The processing fee charged for an Punjab National personal loan is 1.8 % of the loan amount , plus the applicable taxes

4.3. No prepayment charge is levied if you want to make prepayments for an PNB personal loan

4.4. Punjab National Bank personal loan facilitates flexible loan repayment tenures starting from 12 to 60 months.