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Scrap by Mind Map: Scrap

1. Training Strategy

1.1. Define roles and responsibilities: Who trains who?

1.2. Training plan: Gannt chart of trainings

1.3. Sustainability: - Add training to associate onboarding

1.4. Align content of training (incl. Spanish)

2. Physical scrap process

2.1. Process mapping following a part (incl. Schnellecke): Internal and external

2.2. Define roles and responsibilities

2.3. Resources

2.3.1. Red tables: Define content and locations

2.3.2. Printers: Define locations and change-of-location procedure

3. Administrative scrap process

3.1. Roles and responsibilities (SAP)

3.2. Key account (TMO): Access rights, new users, trainings(?)

3.3. Information flow: Notification to QSB, notification to process leader

3.4. Define response time of QSBs according to severity

3.5. Monthly(?) reporting: Open TOs/Total TOs