Amplify your School Vision:

Media Literacy Exchange Workshop Map

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Amplify your School Vision: by Mind Map: Amplify your School Vision:

1. Technology

1.1. Staff Collaboration

1.1.1. Curriculum Building

1.1.2. Fluid email & sharing

1.1.3. Build the living curriculum

1.2. Student Media Literacy

1.2.1. Access

1.2.2. Analyze

1.2.3. Evaluate

1.2.4. Create

1.2.5. Act

1.3. Family Communication

1.3.1. Website Brochure Tour Student Publishing Staff Publishing Tell your story

1.3.2. Parent Portal app-based informal connection place for Q&A

1.3.3. Messaging parent-teacher connection office info distribution

1.4. Purchasing Vision

1.4.1. What do you want to enable?

1.4.2. What is most flexible and sustainable?

1.4.3. What promising practices do you want to boost?

1.5. Questions & Discussion

2. Our history, and productions

3. Tech Plan: enable staff collaboration, family communication and student media literacy to amplify your school vision & establish culture.

3.1. Flexible 'Living' Curriculum

3.1.1. Hub of Documents, Folders and Resources: Google Drive

3.1.2. Collaborative space for teacher/student interaction:

3.1.3. Curriculum Planning: Slides, Sites, Pacing & Student Facing EXAMPLE: Grade 4 Web-based Curriculum Grade 4 - Monday 12/7 - 📚 Reading

3.1.4. Build on the lessons of Remote Learning

3.2. Collaborative Media Making: Tell your Story

3.2.1. Communicating Authentic School Culture & Vision to build Community Podcasting by students and staff on hot topics, projects, events PS 32 Student Activists Enter the Castle | PS 32 Student Podcasts Virtual Tour videos and web content by students PS 51 Social Emotional Learning Documentary

3.2.2. Publishing Model Student Work

3.3. Website as Authentic Archive of the School Culture NEW VOICES | MS 443

3.3.1. Authentic representations of the school culture

3.3.2. School brochure alive with authentic content

3.3.3. Authentic student voice & examples of student experiences

3.3.4. Vital information hub (announcements and calendar)

4. Current State

4.1. Many overlapping initiatives (CS4all, ISTE adoption, Google, STEAM/Makerspaces)

4.2. Post COVID

4.2.1. New skills and fluency

4.2.2. More resources and software available

4.2.3. Tech Fatigue

5. Media Literacy

5.1. Scope and sequence for Media Literacy, ISTE Standards & Tech Skills (Google Slides) TMS Scope and Sequence

5.1.1. Lay out existing promising practices across your curriculum & community

5.1.2. Strategize for Integration Classroom-based? Signature projects/units per grade level? Library, Tech or STEM Lab as skill/project hubs? As teacher collaborators?

5.1.3. Work backwards from School Vision for Students, Media Literacy Student Profile & ISTE Standards LINK: Scope and Sequence Planning Template (The Media Spot) Vertically Integrated template for aligning media literacy and ISTE Standards with your curriculum

5.1.4. School culture embraces media literacy as essential & exciting