Marketing Direction

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Marketing Direction by Mind Map: Marketing Direction

1. Increase brand value

1.1. Standardization design of all marketing materials to be on the same pace

1.2. Implement an effective advertising on digital media channels

1.2.1. social media

1.2.2. website

1.2.3. eCommerce

2. Achieve 2019 sale target

2.1. Implement smart sales tools to support and increase opportunity to sales

2.1.1. project ref. management

2.1.2. compact and useful product data

2.1.3. Suitable marketing material design and quality

2.2. Strengthen potential B2B customer to build relationship and gain sales

2.2.1. 2nd half reward

2.2.2. sell out promotion

2.3. Sales event

2.3.1. lunch box

2.3.2. clearance sales

3. Work process and Communication

3.1. systematize marketing working process (marketing order, marketing stock and sales request)

4. Improve people skills

4.1. Explore designs/product innovations to elevate brand image to brand memory

4.2. target customer, competitive landscape to set the right tactic of doing marketing