Unreasonable Behaviour

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Unreasonable Behaviour by Mind Map: Unreasonable Behaviour

1. No adequate/regular m'ce

1.1. Who pays for the household expenses?

1.1.1. State who pays what?

1.2. Any maintenance Order?

1.2.1. Employment Unemployed Why? Who pays for OP's expenses? Employed Where did the money go?

2. Bad Habits

2.1. Excessive drinking

2.1.1. Drinks daily? How many bottles?

2.2. Smoking

2.2.1. How many packs a day?

2.3. Gambler (Habitual)

2.3.1. How much does he spend a week/month?

2.4. Addicted to pornography

2.4.1. What does he do after watching?

2.4.2. Did he watch in front of you/children?

3. Improper Association

3.1. How did you know?

3.1.1. SMS/Photos? Any proof?

3.1.2. People saw? Who?

3.2. Did he provide for the family despite the affair? If yes, see no adequate/regular m'ce.

4. Family Violence

4.1. Give brief history

4.2. Any occurrence in the last 6 month?

4.2.1. Provide details of the last incident

4.3. Any PPO?

4.4. Police report?

4.5. Photographs of injuries / damaged things at home

5. Frequently overseas/missing/stayed out

5.1. Frequently stayed out / Traveling?

5.1.1. Where did he go?

5.1.2. Does he care for the children? Yes, how often? No, All by AP? Are they close with him?

6. Possessive/Jealous

6.1. Checked your handphone?

6.2. Did not allow you to have friends of opposite sex?

6.3. Accused you of having affair?

6.3.1. Any reason why OP accused you?

6.3.2. Did he tell anyone else to embarrass you?