Bloom's Taxonomy and Technology

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Bloom's Taxonomy and Technology by Mind Map: Bloom's Taxonomy and Technology

1. The 21st-century learning environment relates to blooms taxonomy because the characteristic of the modern day learning which includes president connectivity, dynamic media forms, information in digital and non-digital environment, and a emphasis on visibility for pretty much everything. Blooms taxonomy has stood the test of time and relates to the technology learning environment. Using blooms taxonomy many teacher support a rigorous curriculum. Bloom’s Taxonomy has been revise to a more abstract way of thinking. Blooms has aligned itself with the idea of educating students to compete in a global society.

2. One app is blooms taxonomy exposed by educators This app provides a variety of information on blooms taxonomy and how it relates to the use of visual tools to help students to unlock a world of creativity and engagement with a computer programs , interactive convos, or fun games. “ These apps support a particular level of blooms digital taxonomy, by creating, evaluating, analyzing , applying understanding and remembering on all levels.” The blooms taxonomy apps have been updated to include digital recalling relevant knowledge, constructing meaning, carrying out or using a procedure, breaking down material into constituent parts and making judgment based on criteria and standards there checking in critiquing.” (Teaching Innovation and Pedagogical support by Ishabatu(2018)

3. Other apps that support blooms digital taxonomy are cogs of the cognitive process. This app includes a of technological tools that provide clickable hotspots and includes suggestions for iPad, android, Google, and online tools and applications to support each of the levels of blooms revised taxonomy.