Educational journey and skills

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Educational journey and skills by Mind Map: Educational journey and skills

1. Skills

1.1. Drawing, sketching

1.1.1. Make sketches in my free time

1.2. Piano

1.2.1. Do piano practice in free time

2. Career choices

2.1. Fashion designing

2.1.1. I wanted to do fashion designing

2.2. Textile designing

2.2.1. I am good in sketching so i thought i went to textile designing

2.3. Bs biotechnology

2.3.1. But unfortunately i couldn't choose career of my own choice and then i had to choose biotechnology

2.4. I want my own clothing brand

3. Personal

3.1. Goals

3.1.1. Heath and wealth

3.1.2. Well settled life

3.1.3. Improve my communication skills

3.2. Passion

3.2.1. Travelling

3.2.2. Creating new ideas

4. Business

4.1. I want my business as a entrepreneur

4.2. I want to make an idea that will give benefits to people

5. Future

5.1. If i will get a chance i will definitely try to buy or create my own brand

5.2. I want my own research center

6. education

6.1. Merit in school 2002-2008

6.2. Comprehensive girls high school 2008-2014

6.3. Unique college 2014-2016

6.4. Umt bs biotechnology

7. study

8. beautician course