Meal Preparation

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Meal Preparation by Mind Map: Meal Preparation

1. Human need: Nourishment and survival

1.1. The human need remains the same throughout.

2. Occupation: Meal preparation/Cooking

2.1. The occupation of meal preparation and cooking has changed; various cooking utensils, tools, and equipment, preparation techniques, recipes, cultural traditions and practices that may have be adapted, variety of ingredients, significance of food groups, dieting, and allergies. Meal preparation/cooking may contribute towards one's leisure activity, work participation, or contribution to their community (donations to charities or food pantries).

3. Change in temporal environment since Hunter-Gatherers: SES, accessible grocery stores/accessible resources, cultural changes, governmental health organizations (FDA).

3.1. Hunter-gatherers hunted and gathered their sources of nourishment and may have solely prepared meals over a man-made fire; whereas individuals today access their nourishment from community grocery stores, food pantries, or may grow their own produce and prepare meals using a variety of kitchen tools and equipment.

4. Health outcome

4.1. Increased sense of well-being through knowledge of healthy diets and nutrition, promotes good health, prevents illness or disease, supports the survival, development and growth of individuals,