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User by Mind Map: User

1. Collections

1.1. See if I am an ADMIN

1.2. Modify if I am an ADMIN

1.3. created by ADMIN

2. AccessViews

2.1. See if I belongs to groups that have access to these

2.2. Can modify If belongs to that group

2.3. V1 just allows modify by default?

2.4. created by ADMIN

2.5. Shouldn't notify for normal view as what if new data/column of other groups are sensitive

3. UserViews

3.1. Just a private view

3.2. Not allow to change meta

3.3. yes, only change data

3.4. shared within a group?

4. DefaultAccessView

4.1. Be notified if there are any changes from other access views or collection

4.2. if it is created by ADMIN

4.3. This is actually a MasterAccessView