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1.1. AGS (amIT)

1.1.1. Resource and Consultation Services

1.2. InfoCan

1.2.1. Secondary Support Services

1.3. MongoDB

1.3.1. Enterprise Advanced License for AV8R

1.4. Velocity

1.4.1. QlikView Annual Maintenance

1.5. Leading Edge

1.5.1. Service and Implementation of Machine Learning POC


2.1. Malaysia

2.1.1. Telekom Malaysia Dedicated Internet Access and WIFI

2.1.2. Time Fiber Business Internet

2.1.3. CSPM Data Center Equipment

2.1.4. SpringLab Distribution Cisco, Xirrus and Fortinet devices

2.1.5. UBS Accounting Software

2.1.6. Vintage Print House Sdn Bhd Printer for VCON

2.1.7. Impact Business Solutions Unitrent (File Server)

2.1.8. Xirrus WIFI AP

2.1.9. Aries Telecoms Internet Lease Line for QUEX

2.2. Hong Kong

2.2.1. Pro-Tech Technology WIFI

2.2.2. Wellent Quality System Hardware and Software Distributor

2.2.3. HKT Broadband

2.2.4. WTT Point to Point Line Service

2.2.5. Telstra MPLS

2.2.6. SoftwareOne MS Intune Project

2.2.7. Reach Technology Solution MS Intune Project

2.2.8. Macroview Manpower Service

2.3. Philippines

2.3.1. TrendCom I.T and Software Solution inc. Computer Hardwares and Peripherals

2.3.2. Phil-Data Business System Inc. Main IT Infrastructure Solutions Provider / Distributor

2.3.3. Netex System Inc. Computer Hardwares and Peripherals

2.3.4. Microphase Main IT Infrastructure Solutions Provider / Distributor

2.3.5. Trends Technology to Transcend IT Infrastructure Solutions Provider

2.3.6. Logic Solution inc Telecommunication and Networking Solutions

2.3.7. Acceligent IT Infrastructure Solutions Provider / Distributor

2.3.8. PC Worx Computer Hardwares and Peripherals

2.3.9. Universal Access and System Solutions IT Infrastructure Solutions Provider / Distributor

2.3.10. EA Global Supply Chain Solutions Inc. IT Infrastructure Solutions Provider / Distributor

2.3.11. Converge ICT Solution Inc. Telecommunication and networking solutions

2.3.12. Source Telecom inc. Telecommunication ( Data and Voiced Services)or

2.3.13. Infinivan Inc. Internet Service Provider

2.3.14. Eastern Communication Telecommunication ( Data and Voiced Services)

2.4. Indonesia

2.4.1. PT. NetToCyber (VELO Networks) Dedicated Internet Access (Bali and Jakarta's Offices) and WIFi (Jakarta Only)

2.4.2. PT. Artha Telekomindo (Arthatel) Dedicated Internet Access and WIFI for Surabaya Office

2.4.3. PT. Telkom Indonesia WIFI for Bali Officece

2.4.4. PT. Asiarem Solusindo UBS Accounting Software

2.4.5. PT. Global Pratama Persada Absence Machine Software

2.5. Thailand

2.5.1. CSLoxinfo Public Company Limited Main Internet Lease Line, Fortinet and Aruba Devices Provider

2.5.2. Jastel Network Internet Service Provider for Designer Team

2.5.3. EBIZINET Adobe and Snagit Software Distributor

2.5.4. TRUE Backup High Speed Internet (VDSL) provider

2.5.5. AutoFlight Finance Software

2.5.6. Athi Corp Telephone System

2.6. Sri Lanka

2.6.1. SCIENTER Technologies Qantara Hotel Systems

2.6.2. ONSTEP QuickBooks Accounting system

2.6.3. AXIOM Systems (Pvt) Ltd. Fortinet Distributor

2.6.4. APOGEE International (Pvt) Limited Existing Intercom system with PABX

2.6.5. DAITONN Technologies GLL ERP Web Service and Cloud Database - MS SQL Server 2008

2.6.6. INNAUN IT Siteqlik Web and customer email hosting

2.6.7. DIALOG Internet Leased Line and New Intercom System with PABX

2.6.8. EUREKA Technologies Pvt Ltd Qantara Domain and Emails Hosting

2.7. Singapore

2.7.1. STARHUB Internet Service Provider


3.1. Bridgenet

3.1.1. SDP Annual Maintenance

3.1.2. ITSM Server Hosting

3.2. ZOHO Corp

3.2.1. Site 24x7 Monitoring Services

3.3. Pure VPN

3.3.1. VPN Service

4. NOC

4.1. Bridgenet

4.1.1. 24x7 Monitoring Services for Network Devices and Servers


4.2.1. EV & OV SSL Certifcate provider

4.3. Cloudflare

4.3.1. Cloud Delivery Network (CDN)

4.4. 101domain,, Godaddy, CSC

4.4.1. Domains Services

5. SOC

5.1. Ewalker

5.1.1. Code Review, Pen Test, Forensic, Consultancy and Vulnerability Scan (Tokens)

5.1.2. Server Hardening Guide

5.2. Nexusguard

5.2.1. DNS, DDOS and Origin Protection

5.3. SysArmy

5.3.1. 24x7 Cybersecurity Monitoring Services

5.4. Trust-Arc

5.4.1. TRUSTe Privacy Certification

5.5. Wired Realm

5.5.1. Technical Assessment and IT Security Consultation


6.1. SoftwareOne

6.1.1. Microsoft, VMware, Veritas, RedHat Licensing Management and Software Asset Management (SAM) and professional services for Microsoft Intune

6.2. ICON

6.2.1. Server and Storage Expansion for AV8R and Comrun

6.3. TRT Solutions

6.3.1. Network Maintenance for Cisco and F5

6.4. Microware

6.4.1. Hardware Maintenance for QNET DC

6.5. Macroview

6.5.1. Network Hardware and Software Maintenance for Imperva, Radware and Palo Alto

6.6. ICG

6.6.1. Backup Exec/VMware Upgrade

6.7. PURE storage

6.7.1. Storage Upgrade for daily ComRun Servers

6.8. Pacnet (Telstra)

6.8.1. Co-location and DIA services

6.9. Singtel

6.9.1. DIA and MPLS services

6.10. APNIC

6.10.1. Autonomous System Numbers

6.11. TATA

6.11.1. DIA services

6.12. Microsoft

6.12.1. Premier Support

6.13. Curvature Ltd

6.13.1. Network Maintenance for EOL