Contracts to Advocates

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Contracts to Advocates by Mind Map: Contracts to Advocates

1. Onboarding- This is the first impression that the client is getting from the company and the RM team, and if we can successfully convert clients into advocates in the first month of on boarding, this will most likely guarantee life-time advocacy.

1.1. Set Up

1.1.1. Onboarding Kick Off Call Account Set Up FP Set Up Adding a Recommendation Engine FP Demo Live Creating a New User in Portal Updating Max Retry Count Client MetaData MID Testing CRM Set Up Setting Up a CRM (LL &KK) Custom CRM Set up 1st Month Review Day 7 Review

1.2. Build Partnership

1.2.1. Familiarity Client Onboarding

1.2.2. Feeling that RM is the industry expert

1.2.3. Trust Proactive Daily Monitoring Decline Monitoring Daily Client Onboarding Decline Code RM Action Required

1.3. Expectations

1.3.1. Aligning expectations Cash flow/ timing

1.4. See the value

1.4.1. Case studies Case Studies Process Client Onboarding

1.4.2. Invoicing process explained Complete Invoice Process Client Onboarding

1.4.3. ROI's explained ROI's Client Onboarding

1.4.4. Newsletters Client Onboarding NewsLetter

1.4.5. True Ups True Ups Client Onboarding

2. Maintenance Throughout the client life cycle, we are consistently trying to reaffirm advocacy by doing the following points. We are providing the client with the white glove service that aligns their business interest with ours at all times.

2.1. Fulfilling Expectations

2.1.1. Daily Monitoring Decline Trends Decline Monitoring Daily Decline Code Monitoring Decline Code RM Action Required Traffic Quality Monitoring Daily Account Monitoring

2.1.2. Daily Account Monitoring Update Client Info in FP Tools

2.2. Feeling Special

2.2.1. Aligned Interest Industry/Service Knowledge See the Value Make sure RM is always point of contact Tracking Customer Requests

2.2.2. Take Care Of PipeDrive Updated Notes PipeDrive Guidelines MileStone Gifts Client Care Gift Program Gateway Set Up Sheet Maintained Mid Testing

2.2.3. One Step Ahead True Ups Decline Monitoring Daily

2.3. Revisiting Initial Set Expectations to Ensure they are met

2.3.1. True Ups Client Meta Data Complete Invoice Processes

2.4. Improvements on Interface/Platform

2.4.1. making the platform easier to use

2.4.2. flag system Decline Monitoring Daily