English Evolution

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English Evolution by Mind Map: English Evolution

1. The language of Court and Cheapel

1.1. French- speaking originally was England

1.2. William Conquered England

1.3. Anglo-saxon

1.4. 2000 words gave English

1.5. Anglo-Norman

2. The languague of Elizabethan era

2.1. Born the printing press

2.2. English is spread

2.3. French was for all the business

2.4. Ten thousand new words from Normans

3. The language of the King James Bible

3.1. New translation of bible

3.2. Gives a new view of vocabulary

4. The language of the romantic era

4.1. Archaic words

4.2. Obsolete verbs

4.3. Dictionary with vowel sounds

4.4. Changed order the words

4.5. Slang and dialect terms

5. The language of the victorians

5.1. People start spell words sligthly differently

5.2. English & Empire

5.3. Charles Dickend influencial writer

5.4. Oxford English Dictionary

6. The language of heroism

6.1. 1 st World war

6.2. Poetic words for overcome the situation

7. The language of Greater Simplicity and Precision

7.1. Scientists weren't recognized

7.2. Invisible college was formed by Royal

7.3. Born the dictionary

7.4. Science was discovering things

7.5. ''acid'' ''gravity'' ''electricity'' new words

8. The language of the 20th Century

8.1. Result of two world wars

8.2. Progress

8.3. Globalization

8.4. Internet Arrived

8.5. Newspeak

8.6. Abbreviattion words