HR Receives termination notice

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HR Receives termination notice by Mind Map: HR Receives termination notice

1. Complete

2. Adverse Action Notice

3. Recruit

3.1. Filtering applicants

3.1.1. Contacting Applicants Provide interview schedule option

3.2. Interview Scheduled

3.2.1. Interview Completed

3.3. Applicant Selected

3.3.1. Offer Letter Sent Offer Letter Approved

3.4. Checkr Process Initiated

3.4.1. Checkr Completed Consider Engage Don't Engage Suspended Proceed to secondary candidate Begin search again if too long has passed/ or we don't receive contact from other applicants/candidates Cleared

3.5. First Day Info Email sent

3.5.1. Sent final applicant, store manager BCCed

4. New Hire IT Setup

5. Notify store manager, HR

5.1. Perm

5.1.1. Create Job Ad HR Post on Indeed Paper version PDF created and emailed to store manager

5.2. Temp

5.2.1. Request is submitted to Temp Agency Agency responds within 24 hours HR Receives Temp Info Agency doesn't respond within 24 hours Contact agency, verify receipt, get status update

6. Store Employee (WH, CT, DD)

6.1. Planned Termination

6.1.1. Create direct hire request

6.2. Unplanned Termination

6.2.1. Create temp request Sent to regional manager for review/approval Approved Approved with Changes (Minor changes) Denied (100% no)