Expression of Concentration


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Expression of Concentration by Mind Map: Expression of Concentration

1. Normality

1.1. N

1.1.1. It is defined as the number of gram equivalents (equivalent weight in grams) of a solute present per litre of the solution. N = MW/(Valence of solute x Volume of solution in liter) N=Gram Eqt. Wt of solute/Vol of solution in litre N= Molarity X Basicity

2. Molarity

2.1. No. moles of solute dissolved in 1L of solution

2.1.1. M=Moles of solute / Vol of solution in L

2.2. M

3. Formality

3.1. No. of gram formal weight of the solute dissolved per litre of solution

3.1.1. F=GFWt/Litre of solution

4. Percentage

4.1. %wt/wt

4.2. %wt/vol

4.3. % vol/vol

4.4. % Vol/Wt

4.5. amount of the solute per 100 parts of the solution

4.6. It can also be called as parts per hundred (pph)

5. Mole fraction

5.1. X1=No. moles of solute 1/Total number of moles of solution

6. Molality

6.1. No. of moles of solute dissolved in 1000g or 1Kg of solvent

6.1.1. m m=moles of solute/1Kg of solvent

7. ppm

7.1. [mass of solute/mass of solution] x 1000000

7.1.1. mg of solute/kg of solution

8. ppb

8.1. [mass of solute/mass of solution] x 1000000000

8.1.1. microgram of solute/kg of solution