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Guayaquil Foundation

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Guayaquil Foundation by Mind Map: Guayaquil Foundation

1. What?

1.1. It was a process of spanish conquest in the current litoral region of Ecuador After several conflicts I am defenitely founded the city this was developed between 1534 and 1547.

2. How?

2.1. The main activities are the parades held by the mayor's office and schools, in wich many people dressed as Juan Pueblo (in the case of men) an Guayaquileñas (in the woman) participate.

2.2. Other activities are dances, craft fairs and gastronomy, concerts, etc.

3. Where?

3.1. It is celebrated only in Guayaquil and the president hols holidays so that people can celebrate with greather patriotism.

4. When?

4.1. It is celebrated every July 25th because it's date of the first funding was on July 25, 1535 on the sanks of the Babahoyo river by Sebastían Benalcázar.

5. Who?

5.1. The foundation of Guayaquil is celebrated by all Guayaquileños like workers, teachers, students, schools and many more people who are part of this wonderful city.

6. Why?

6.1. It is a celebration because it remembers the date on wich the name of Guayaquil was given to our city.