Storing Equipment

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Storing Equipment by Mind Map: Storing Equipment

1. Rent an Airbnb

1.1. Pros: - Safe, convenient - Option to choose your own day(s)

1.2. Cons: - Costly (especially in certain areas like the beach.) - Don't need that big of space. (Designed for living, not storage.) - Not all days are available, some days are rented out to other people.

2. Asking/Paying the locals for help

2.1. Pros: - Free or very cheap

2.2. Cons: - Can you really trust them? (likelihood to getting stuff stolen.) - Not safe ! - Not everyone is going to say yes - You have to travel there to ask them for permission first ( a lot of work )

3. Store somewhere safe & hidden

3.1. I don't know why this idea exist

4. Rent a cheap storage space

4.1. Pros: Cheap, safe

4.2. Cons: - Most storage spaces are extremely far away from the city. - The prices are reasonable, but you do pay for monthly. Meaning if you just need a temporary space for few days or hours, it is not a good choice.

5. Store in your friend's car

5.1. Pros: Free or very cheap

5.2. Cons: - Your schedule depends on them - Troublesome - Only people you can trust - Not very safe, if you store expensive equipment, they might break in the car and steal your items. - You still have to carry the item to your friend's car first. (WORK WORK WORK)

6. Just carry it with you, lol.

6.1. Just carry it with you, lol.

6.2. Cons: - Big Hassle, a lot of work - Defeats the whole purpose of the problem - If the plans change and you decided not to go, you still have to carry it with you. ( Waste of time and effort.)

7. Store in your own car

7.1. Pros: - Free - Flexible with your own schedule - A suitable storage space

7.2. Cons: - Not everyone owns a car - People might break in your car to steal