Lantana's Healing

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Lantana's Healing by Mind Map: Lantana's Healing

1. Physical Influences

1.1. Home Environment

1.1.1. House badly needs maintenance

1.2. Limited access to health services

1.2.1. Outpatient clinics may not be able to provide appropriate services

1.3. Limited income

1.3.1. Family may not be able to afford health services

1.4. Lantana's mother is stays home and takes care of the house, kids and pets

1.4.1. May need help as Lantanas condition may put a strain on her, thus compromise Lantana's care

2. Social determinants of health

2.1. Lives in rural town

2.2. Limited health services

2.3. Only 3 doctors in town

2.4. Education gaps

2.5. Limited Income

3. Psychosocial Influences

3.1. Missing out on time with her father

3.2. Feels inferior because of gaps in education

3.3. Fathers feelings of guilt may put a strain on their relationship

4. Cognitive Influences

4.1. Learning challenges because of little access at small school

4.2. Family network compromised