Gas & Oil

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Gas & Oil by Mind Map: Gas & Oil

1. Exploration

1.1. Onshore

1.2. Offshore

1.3. Evaluation

1.4. Well design

1.5. Terrestrial geological surveys (khảo sát địa chất trên mặt đất)

1.6. Aerial photographs(ảnh chụp từ trên không)

1.7. Satellite images(hình ảnh vệ tinh)

1.8. Gravity and magnetic surveys(khảo sát trọng lực và từ trường)

1.9. Seismic surveys(khảo sát địa chấn)

1.10. Appraisal well is then drilled to evaluate

1.10.1. Commercially viable location The design and construction of oil and gas processing systems Pipelines Storage Offloading facilities The drilling of production wells

2. Well Development & Production

2.1. Drilling

2.2. Drilling Fluids

2.3. Casing

2.4. Drilling &Production Infrastructure

2.4.1. Onshore Drilling

2.4.2. Offshore Shallow Water/ Shelf (-400ft) Jackup Drilling Rigs (-400ft) Deep Water (+400ft (121.92m)) Drilling Only Production Only Drilling & Production Maintenance & Supply Subsea Subsea System (7000ft(2 133.6m))

2.5. Well Completion

3. Trasportation

3.1. Marine Vessels

3.2. Railroads

3.3. Trucking Fleets

3.4. Transmission pipelines

3.5. Large LNG (transportation natural gas) vessel ( when the gas is cooled to approximately -162 C or -260 F)

4. Storage

4.1. Oil

4.1.1. Field tank batteries

4.1.2. Product bulk terminals

4.1.3. Refinery tanks

4.1.4. Holding tanks

4.2. Gas

4.2.1. Stored underground Depleted gas reservoirs Salt caverns (Hang động muối) Aquifers (tầng ngậm nước)

5. Wholesale and retail marketing

5.1. Familiar products

5.1.1. Gasoline

5.1.2. Diesel

5.1.3. Jet fuel

5.1.4. Heating oil

5.1.5. Asphalt

5.2. Unfamiliar products

5.2.1. Petrochemicals (Hóa dầu) Lubricants (chất bôi trơn) Synthetic rubber(cao su tổng hợp) Plastics(nhựa) Fertilizer(phân bón) Pesticides(thuốc trừ sâu)