Starting point

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Starting point by Mind Map: Starting point

1. Fixed-price project

1.1. Lack of ownership

1.1.1. Lack of attention to detail and insufficient QA Resources spent and time lost on both sides.

1.2. Limited resources assigned to the project

1.2.1. Delays

1.3. Requirement that all wireframes be completed before any development could start and very limited work on the wireframe model (expecting the client to provide the wireframes)

1.3.1. Significant delays

2. Underbidding

2.1. Failure to agree on the v1,0 scope in a timely fashion

2.1.1. Significant delays

3. Unflexible development process

3.1. Lacking ability to collaborate with the client

3.2. Treating key stakeholders at the client side as outsiders